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How the Media Revolution is Affecting the Design Industry

“We don’t need the Greeks to tell us about architecture, we can tell each other about architecture,” says Marc Kushner, co-founder of Architizer.  “Buildings don’t just reflect our society, they shape our society.”

Kushner is referencing the innovations in technology that the 21st century has to offer. Everything we do these days is accessible, digital. This changes the way the architecture and design industry operates. Where once, you only had access to buildings to which you could walk, people can now see designs thousands of miles away with a click of a mouse or a scroll of an Instagram feed.  “We are living on the verge of the greatest revolution in architecture since the invention of steel,” Kushner says. “It’s a media revolution.”

This evolution into a revolution is said to have begun in 1997, when architect Frank Gehry designed a little building called the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain. Since then, public attraction to shocking designs has been growing.


“Tourism in Bilbao increased by 25,000 percent after this building was completed … [This was] a rare moment when critics, academics and general public were completely united,” says Kushner.

In the age of the smartphone, Kushner says, “The building becomes disembodied from the site … The speed of communication has finally caught up to the speed of architecture.”

That idea came to life for Kushner when his firm started to plan a new design to replace a building that had burned down on Fire Island in New York. “We proposed a building that was audacious, that was different,” he says, “something the community had never seen before.” As plans moved forward, his client and his co-designers were apprehensive, all worried the building would be rejected by the community. “So we created a series of photorealistic renderings,” Kushner says, “and we put them on Facebook, and we put them onto Instagram … so when it was built, and the rendering looked exactly like the finished product, it was already a part of the community.”

Fire Island Pavillion

The firm’s rendering (top) and the finished product (below) of the Fire Island Pavillion

Instagram photos and Facebook comments gave the public ownership of the building. In the age of renderings and future visualizations, clients – and communities, in Kushner’s case – are able to see designs weeks, months and maybe even years before they come to life. In the present day mentality of “I-need-this-right-now,” this technology is very important to the design industry.

Kushner’s TED Talk took place in the Vancouver Convention Center. Designer David Rockwell relied on Shaw Hospitality Group for the carpet for the design.  On the floor is “Crease” from the Layered Luxe Collection, which was designed in collaboration with Rockwell himself.

Images: Wikipedia, ArchDaly

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Shaw Hospitality Group Carpet Donation Highlights TED2014

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. – April 16, 2014 – To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the TED conference, some of the world’s most captivating thought leaders gathered in a one-of-kind theater installed in the LEED Platinum Vancouver Convention Centre. During the March 2014 conference, speakers and attendees enjoyed the beauty of Shaw Hospitality Group’s Layered Luxe carpet, which was designed in collaboration with David Rockwell and Rockwell Group, the theater’s architecture and interior design firm.

The Crease carpet pattern – with its abstract, hatching lines – reflects Rockwell Group’s interest in combining organic forms with linear divisions. The new TED theater is designed to be rapidly assembled and disassembled annually, and its cutting-edge design will have less than 2% waste once all the building components are processed.

“Shaw Hospitality Group is an innovator in manufacturing high quality, sustainable flooring,” said David Rockwell, founder and President of Rockwell Group. “We’re thrilled that Shaw has generously supplied carpet collections, including Layered Luxe, for the new TED theater. The richness and depth of the carpets will contribute to the venue’s dynamic environment for years to come.”
TED – a platform for ideas worth spreading – started in 1984 as a convergence of technology, entertainment and design, and today the conference shares ideas ranging from science and business to global issues in more than 100 languages. More than 50 speakers addressed attendees this year, including notable speakers Bill and Melinda Gates, former Arizona legislator Gabby Giffords, “Eat, Pray, Love” author Elizabeth Gilbert and astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Recognizing that attendees primarily go to TED for inspiring talks and social activity, Rockwell designed the theater with 10 different seating options provided by Steelcase, including benches, lounge seating, chairs and a standing area where attendees can blog without disturbing the audience. All of these seating arrangements intimately surround the stage, which also features Shaw Hospitality Group red carpet.

Befitting the LEED Platinum certification of the Vancouver Convention Centre, the Shaw Hospitality Group carpet is Cradle to Cradle certified by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry. The carpet is manufactured with Eco Solution Q nylon, containing 45 percent recycled content, consisting of 20 percent pre-consumer and 25 percent post-consumer recycled content.* Contributing to LEED certification, Layered Luxe is manufactured with safe and healthy ingredients and has a reduced environmental impact across the entire lifecycle of our product.

Shaw Hospitality Group’s carpet will be reused again in future TED theater installations. After the end of its useful life, the carpet will be reclaimed and recycled into new carpet again through Shaw Industries Evergreen Nylon Recycling Facility in Augusta, GA. In the last five years, Shaw Hospitality Group has diverted more than 2 million pounds of post-consumer hotel renovation carpet from U.S. landfills.

*Recycled content is based on allocated nylon fiber from our total nylon fiber production and determined as a percent of a total Eco Solution Q output. Actual recycled content will likely vary.

Rockwell Group is an award winning, cross-disciplinary 150-person architecture and design firm specializing in cultural, hospitality, retail, product, and set design. Based in New York, with satellite offices in Madrid and Shanghai, the firm crafts a unique narrative and an immersive environment for each project. Projects include W Hotels (New York, Paris, Singapore, and Vieques); Andaz Maui at Wailea; Shinola (New York); Travelle at the Langham, Chicago; the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center at Lincoln Center; The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas; Maialino at the Gramercy Park Hotel; Nobu restaurants and hotels worldwide; product collaborations with Jim Thompson, Maya Romanoff and The Rug Company; set design for Broadway’s Lucky Guy, Kinky Boots and Hairspray; and the Imagination Playground initiative

At Shaw Hospitality Group, we’re taking one giant step forward with new collections that do anything but tread lightly: inspiring pattern, vivid color and a sustainability story that stands out from all the rest. Shaw Hospitality Group delivers new and innovative flooring designs to the hospitality industry worldwide while offering the widest selection of flooring solutions for hotels, ageless living, entertainment and retail. Expansive product offerings include standard and custom carpets for guest rooms and public areas, as well as hard surface, modular carpet tile and cushion. A brand of Shaw Industries, Shaw Hospitality Group was named Best of Competition and Best Flooring at Hospitality Design Expo 2013 for its Be Bold collection.

>Download High-Res images HERE (Located under ‘TED2014 Conference: Donation of Layered Luxe Carpet’)

>Download Press Release: SCG_TED2014 Press Release_FINAL

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Popping up at TED 2014: Shaw Hospitality Group’s Layered Luxe


The 2014 TED conference housed attendees at its new pop-up theater – designed to be rapidly assembled and disassembled annually.  Constructed in a six-day feat of logistics, this innovative structure relied on the capabilities and trust of manufacturers, fabricators and installation crews.

A total of 600 modular boxes were built in a warehouse in Vancouver, then shipped to the site. All had to be made strong enough to give the theater structural stability, but light and small enough for workers to move them around and to fit through 12-foot wide doors.  The assembly took six days and two crews of 30, each working 12-hour shifts on an hour-by-hour deployment plan to construct the structure.

The theater’s furniture, shipped from Steelcase, was installed in only 12 hours.  Designer David Rockwell relied on Shaw Hospitality Group for the carpet – not only to manufacture and ship the material in time for the event, but also for the design.  On the floor is “Crease” from the Layered Luxe Collection, which was designed in collaboration with Rockwell himself.

Watch a time lapse video of the construction of the Next Chapter Theater at TED2014.

TED2014 Theater Timelapse from Rockwell Group on Vimeo.

A theater that can be dissembled, stored and reassembled in future years seems to make sense for TED Conference, where the world’s most thought provoking and captivating speakers on technology, entertainment and design converge.

Read more about the design of the TED2014 Next Chapter Theater here.

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David Rockwell Drew on Personal TedTalk Experience to Design the Next Chapter Theater for TED2014

TED celebrated its 30th anniversary by moving the annual TED Conference from Long Beach to a temporary theater installed within the Vancouver Convention Center.  Designed by David Rockwell of The Rockwell Group, The Next Chapter Theater is a portable 1,200-seat theater that was designed to enhance the speaker and audience experience, and will be reinstalled in the years ahead.

“I have spoken [at TED] and have had that experience of: your talk is influenced by how you feel in the room. The environment affects how the talk evolves,” says Rockwell.

David Rockwell’s talk at TED2002 on the memorial at Ground Zero influenced his design of The Next Chapter Theater.

The bowl of the theater is steeply raked to ensure that in a room of 1,200, the farthest distance from the speaker is a mere 80 feet, helping the speaker better see and feel the audience’s reactions and allowing audience members to immerse themselves more deeply in the talks.  By comparison, Hollywood’s Ford Amphitheater, which is lauded for its intimacy, has a 96-foot distance from the farthest seat to the stage.

“TED is a combination of theater and festival,” says Rockwell, “…we’re creating from scratch a theater designed around a talk. [It’s] like going back to the roots of theater. No one’s done a theater solely based on a talk.”

The intimate TED2014 theater was built in just under a week and was constructed from 600 modular boxes and flooring and furniture donations from Shaw Hospitality Group and Steelcase.  The carpet is from Shaw Hospitality Group’s Layered Luxe collection, which was also designed in collaboration from Rockwell.

Read more about the construction of the TED2014 Next Chapter Theater here.

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