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Grocery Stores Going Beyond the Question of “Paper or Plastic?”

Two small grocery stores are going way beyond the question of “paper or plastic?”


Austin, Texas-based in.gredients promotes sustainability on whole different level than just encouraging customers to recycle. This micro-grocer, which opened in August 2012, offers pure, GMO-free , locally harvested food in a package-free environment. Simply bring your own container and choose as much – or as little – products that you want. Weigh your food, pay by the ounce and take it home.


Likewise, London’s Unpackaged is bringing this unique style of shopping to the U.K. “We believe that a lot of packaging is unnecessary so we’ve removed it; just bring your own containers and reuse them each time you shop.”

Both retailers believe the choice to purchase unpackaged goods will lead their customers to make more sustainable choices in other parts of their lives. Maybe this is a growing retail movement we can all get behind.

While we may not be getting rid of packaging for our materials, Shaw Industries is reducing the impact it has on the environment. The recently redesigned carpet tile packaging is 30% lighter and far less difficult for customers to dispose and recycle. The reduced packaging weight means reduced cardboard usage, over 550 thousand pounds or 3,550 trees each year. The result is a packaged product that is safer, lighter and less laborious.

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