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Shaw Contract Group Design is…Award Global Judging

The ellipsis, signifying the omission from a sentence, holds an important significance to our award name. The 356 projects entered into the competition complete the meaning of what design is.

Last week, five industry leaders took this one step further.  Taking time from busy schedules and pressing deadlines, the global jurors reviewed our 41 market award winners and not only defined what design is, but what the best design is.


2014 Design is…Award Global Judges

Defining what “best” means, and selecting the projects that do this most successfully is a big task, and one taken quite seriously by our judges.  Through hours of discussion and contemplation it became clear that there is not just one way to define the best design, though a few themes came up repeatedly: consistency, risk and restraint, to name a few.


Good design can define a brand, it can create a culture, and define how people work and interact. The same design applied to two different spaces could be successful for one, and not for the other. Too much design can be overboard, not enough can be mundane, and the mix can be different depending on the project.



Pausing to think about these concepts and evaluate the work of others opens up opportunity improve one’s own work, to gain insight into how as a design community, we can improve lives around us. Taking a critical eye to the 41 amazing projects represented resulted in lessons learned for all, including the Shaw Contract Group team.



We look forward to announcing the global winners this fall. In the meantime, check out our 40 market award winners and vote for your favorite. A People’s Choice Award will be named along with our global winners this fall.

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