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Santa Fe International Folk Market Artist Profile: Gasali O Adeyamo

An ancient fiber art of the Yoruba people, Indigo dye techniques are applied to fabric to produce intricate, bold and striking textiles. Hand stitching, tie-dye and strip weaving further enhance the intricate designs. Indigo, a vibrant blue dye from the indigoferatinctoria plant family is derived by boiling, steeping and fermenting the leaves. Once immersed into the dye, the fabric remains white until it is removed from its dye bath and comes into contact with the air.

Born in the village of Offatedo in Osun State, Nigeria, Gasali has mastered the arts of indigo dyeing, batik, embroidery and applique. After a number of exhibits abroad, he currently lives in the United States, where he resides in Santa Fe.

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