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A Better World for the Cradle to Cradle Generation

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute has come out with a new video describing the benefits of Cradle to Cradle and how it can change the next generation to come. The non-profit organization is created to bring about a large-scale transformation in the way things are made. Cradle to Cradle certification brings customers products that drive innovation and redefine product quality. This rethinking of how we design, manufacture, use and reuse materials is underway and has become the new standard of quality. Like many did last week at Greenbuild, join the “I prefer” Cradle to Cradle certified revolution and be a part of the change.

Shaw Contract Group has hundreds of products that are Cradle to Cradle certified including our EcoWorx backing, Eco Solution Q fibers and LokDots installation system. Visit our website to learn about more about the good our products and Cradle to Cradle can do.

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