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AECOM Creates a Unique Design DNA for FBI Regional Headquarters

AECOM, out of Phoenix, AZ, designed the FBI Regional Headquarters in Phoenix, AZ (which later became one of our finalists in the 2012 Design is…Award. Read more about them in our 2012 Design Is magazine.). Below, learn more about how AECOM transformed the space and brought its DNA-inspiration to life.

“With the FBI Regional Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona; a language is born through weaving together graphic abstractions of DNA sequencing with the very concrete security restraints of a sensitive government facility. This weaving of constraint and imaginative design engenders the language of the building with a very purposeful meaning, both functional and iconic. This language creates a visual branding that the client identifies with; while also meeting the restrictive security and constructive requirements of a blast proof facade.” — AECOM – Phoenix, AZ

 “The abstraction of identification technologies became guiding principles for multiple design solutions within the facility. A concrete facade is delicately patterned as a reference to DNA sequencing, the site design bears the identifier of a human fingerprint, tile patterns and room signage are born from genome sequencing — this language speaks throughout all aspects of the design, consistently and fluidly.” 

AECOM used Shaw Contract Group Diffuse tile “as an ideal extension of this genome abstraction.” The product’s strong linear character became the continuation of the project’s design language. Our Site Lines tile was used in all public corridors to the same effect.

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