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Shaw Contract receives three Best of NeoCon Awards in 2016

June 14, 2016 – Shaw Contract is pleased to announce three Best of NeoCon Awards for 2016:

The brand has received Best of NeoCon awards 14 out of the last 15 years, and these recent wins reinforce Shaw Contract’s position and relevance in the commercial interiors market.

“It’s always rewarding for Shaw Contract to be named a Best of NeoCon Award recipient, as our designers, marketing teams and entire brand works tirelessly year-round to launch products that are great to look at – but also innovative, durable, functional and flexible.” Said John Stephens, VP Marketing.

Four new collections launched at NeoCon 2016: Modern Edit, Extraordinary, Places and Configure.  More details and press releases for all NeoCon collection launches are available here.

 Inherit broadloom (Modern Edit Collection) in color grey.

Inherit broadloom (Modern Edit Collection) in color grey.


Modern Edit Broadloom – Silver in Broadloom

Modern Edit connects to the past and re-frames the concept of heritage. Tactile materials are disrupted by elements with an industrial edge, and textile craft is emboldened with unconventional scales and imperfect finishes. This collection introduces three new 18×36 carpet tile designs and two broadlooms, thoughtfully designed to reveal a distressed opulence.

Intricate, the 12x24 LVT option, adds to the cohesive product story of the Modern Edit collection.

Intricate LVT adds to the cohesive product story of the Modern Edit collection.

Modern Edit LVT – Editor’s Choice in Hard-Surface

The LVT component of the Modern Edit collection introduces Intricate, a new 12×24 resilient style. Tactile materials are disrupted by elements with an industrial edge.  Unconventional scale and imperfect finish enhances the handmade aesthetic.  Exploring a new approach to hard surface design, here we’ve created a new emboss to follow the pattern and add dimension. The Modern Edit collection transcends barriers of residential and commercial aesthetics, allowing you to move from hard surface to carpet tile and custom rugs for a cohesive product story.

The Shaw Contract Design tool will be launched in tandem with new site features later this year.

The Shaw Contract Design tool will be launched in tandem with new site features later this year.


Shaw Contract Design Tool – Gold in Software for Specification

 The Shaw Contract design tool allows designers to use their inspiration as a starting point and then customize to their specifications. It reflects the need for an incredibly intuitive, easy to use tool to provide a quick product search, design capability and design visualization in both 2D and 3D.

About Shaw Contract

As a global floor covering brand, Shaw Contract believes in the impact of design and how to improve how people work, learn, heal and live. Driven by sustainability, our Cradle to Cradle Certified products perform in spaces across the world. The brand has received Best of NeoCon Awards 14 out of the past 15 years and is rated “best overall business experience” by facility managers and designers. The brand is also recognized among Contract magazine’s top ten “Brands that Inspire.” A brand of Shaw Industries, Shaw Contract combines the expertise of the world’s largest carpet manufacturer with the financial stability of a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. For more information, visitshawcontract.com.


1 800.257.7429 | shawcontract.com

© 2016 Shaw, a Berkshire Hathaway Company

Shaw Corporate Headquarters PO Box 2128 | 616 E Walnut Ave | Dalton GA 30722-2128 | USA







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Current Themes in Fashion Parallel Commercial Interior Trends

This article, posted recently by wallpaper.com, shows how sleek finishes and dramatic lighting pair with metallic, organic and geometric elements – commercial interior trends that will set the tone for design aesthetic in 2016. Take a look.

commercial-interior-trends-1 commercial-interior-trends-2 commercial-interior-trends-3 commercial-interior-trends-1


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Science Pyramid a 2015 Design Is…Award Market Winner

Shaw Contract Group conducted interviews with all firms representing Market-Award winning projects from the 2015 Design Is…Award program. As part of this process, we share a portion of the response on our blog for readers to learn more about the winning projects.  These are their stories.

Here, Kellie Depeder addresses the design process for Science Pyramid in Denver, CO.


Describe this project in one word.


How does this project demonstrate how design can impact users in a space?

This design accommodates the natural movement of visitors. As they journey from the entrance of the gardens, the paths and surrounding gardens lead their eyes to the pyramid. The transition from the open air gardens to the interior of the Science Pyramid is fluid and subtle. The skylight fracture down the center of the building along with multiple west facing vignettes allow visitors to remain connected to the gardens as they explore the exhibits.


Design is a process. Explain your journey.

The design concept is derived from the sites environmental context and program requirements. The architectural elements were created to support the biomimetic design concept.  We developed numerous virtual 3D study models and sketches before we were satisfied with the final design.  Then we refined the custom detailing and material selections.  We worked with building envelope consultants to come up with the best building skin solution to meet a very specific design aesthetic and interior function.


What are the most important lessons you’ve learned through this project that you’d want to share with the designers of tomorrow?

Be flexible with the design, but be firm with the design concept.

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The Park is designed to redefine boundaries, enhance our mood & open our minds. We are inspired by the parallels of how we move, gather and connect within different zones of a park & how they correlate to commercial interiors.

The Park

The Park

A renewal of space & spirit, the collection is designed to be transformative-in people, thinking & spaces. The park is a compelling design to infuse elements of outside & influence well-being for everyone experiencing the space. Flexibility compounds through a combination of 9×36 & 18×36 formats and Colorpoint tufting technology.

Creating spaces to gather thoughts or gather together. Varying degrees of pattern, texture & color allow you to design a range of spaces from communal to private .Warm and cool tones with vivid color options reflect renewal and vitality.


Product Detail:

Linger provides a moment of calm on the floor.

Drift is a near-solid indulgent bark texture.

Renew captures the reflective visual of water.

Explore adds texture in a large-scale stone aesthetic.

Create is reminiscent of horizontal brush strokes with vivid color – like public art.

Reflect is an abstract vista of sky seen through trees.

Zone adds a playful surprise of turf texture.  

Whether it’s gathering in a greeting area, convening at the end of a corridor, or needing a place to reenergize, we all need a new scene, setting or vibe. Softscape and hardscape: the collection features carpet tile, hard surface & broadloom. The Park will improve the quality of space by instilling a quality of life. Most importantly, it will reinforce our belief that balance can be achieved.

Combined with EcoWorx backing and Eco Solution Q nylon, the Park has superior durability, style and recyclability. The Shaw Contract Group lifetime commercial warranty covers abrasive wear, tuft-bind, edge ravel and delamination. The Park goes beyond Declare & HPDs. Cradle to Cradle Silver & assessed for human health. Made with recyclable EcoSolution Q nylon & EcoWorx Tile, contributes to LEED & offers an environmental guarantee.

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