Projection Bombing Inspires Light Series Collection

Projections by Obscura Digital on the Sydney Opera House for YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011

Outdoor digital projections, typically in urban environments on building walls, are getting the attention of others with their high impact design. These artful projections are similar to what some might refer to as “projection bombing.” These projections are showing that an outside of a building can be more than just a wall, but a new opportunity and canvas for design. Companies like Obscura Digital have taken the typical grafitti-like shapes projected on a flat surface and transformed them into real-life movies onto non-traditional structures. Projection bombing is even finding its way into schools. Wilmington City Schools got the community involved by having them send in a text completing the phrase “I need art because…” in support of the arts in schools. The texts were then projected onto silos in the middle of the city. These projections are proving to us that they are becoming a new canvas for design.

Wilmington City Schools in Wilmington, OH promote the support of the arts in schools by projecting on city buildings.

Photography for our new collection, Light Series, was inspired by overlapping lines and shapes from light, like seen below. Like the projections seen above, Light Series features shards of color and jabs of light while living in a state of perpetual motion.
Visit our showroom during NeoCon at 10-167 to view our projection bombing-inspired design.

(Left) Projection bombing, featured on city buildings, inspires our new collection (right) Light Series

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