EXTRAORDINARY COLLECTION: A 2016 Shaw Contract NeoCon Launch

Shaw Extraordinary

Create a layered landscape by mixing tile styles Primitive, Resurface and Foundation.

Connect to the sensory. Low tech, exaggerated textures and natural elements provoke the sense of touch. New landscapes emerge, wild and nomadic . Creating a tactile atmosphere to enhance the senses. Expanded plank format 12×48 provides a new sensory experience underfoot. See. Touch. Feel.
This collection encourages people to slow down and reconnect with the sense of touch. Without touch, we cannot understand our environment. The digital world lacks sensitivity. By developing contradictory visual and tactile experiences with physical connections to our environment, we can still be human. Experience a path of natural, intuitive interactions that allows you to slow down and explore the power of the sense of touch.
The new plank size of 12×48 in adds scale and dimension to the floor as three designs can combine or be used alone to generate varying degrees of texture:
Primitive: A modern shag that injects bold, exaggerated tactility.                           Resurface: provides consistent textured aesthetic and is a perfect transition from Primitive to the still flatness of Foundation.
“The collection is largely inspired by process and pushing current technologies to new heights,” said VP Design, Reesie Duncan. “Using Tapistron machinery, stray ends of yarn are typically left on the carpet face after tufting. Usually, we we take this excess material and shear it, but here, we use it as a styled feature By rethinking technology and modifying the process, this element was exaggerated to inject bold and dramatic texture.”
Pattern is implied through varied texture and a natural, tonal palette to enhance the relief. Hinting at raised foliage and nordic landscapes to create moments of respite, we explore the emotions texture can influence – highlighting the user experience underfoot.
At Shaw Contract, we believe everything matters. Constructed with EcoWorx backing & Eco Solution Q nylon, the products in this collection are Cradle to Cradle Silver & assessed for impact on health + the environment. EcoWorx products are recyclable, contribute to LEED & backed by Environmental Guarantee. The Shaw Contract lifetime commercial warranty covers abrasive wear, tuft-bind, edge ravel and delamination.

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