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Hippo Sweat Makes Good Sunblock and Other Lessons from Biomimicry

ILFI_Sharks paitbrushAuthor and naturalist Jay Harmon explores biomimicry and how nature is inspiring radical innovation. Sharing ideas from his latest book, The Shark’s Paintbrush, at the International Living Future Institute conference, Harmon gives examples of how mimicking nature may provide solutions to the unsustainable actions of the industrial revolution.

A tiny bug that dehydrates to the point where they are 3% or less water, only to rehydrate, forage, and reproduce provides clues for a way to eliminate the need for refrigeration of vaccinations.

Glass with UV reflection properties similar to a spider web could prevent birds from an untimely demise from flying into buildings.

A film that mimics shark skin offers an antiseptic solution for healthcare environments.

ILFI_Sharks paitbrush 4

Sharklet Technologies (left) creates nontoxic, chemical-free surfaces that greatly inhibit the survival and transfer of bacteria that cause healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). ARNOLD GLAS has created products like ORNILUX glass (right), which uses inspiration from spiders’ UV reflective strands of silk in their webs to create glass that birds will not fly into.

Mimicking the biological cycle of nature, Shaw Contract Group cradle to cradle certified carpet is designed to be recycled in infinite loops, eliminating the concept of waste. We look forward to applying other lessons from nature in the continued innovation and sustainability of our products.

Images:,, Barnes&Noble

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MASS Design Goes Beyond the Building

‘Beyond the Building’ speaks to the core values we have held since MASS began five years ago. Their 2014 theme articulates the end goal of their projects: that they work within communities to improve lives through architecture. They do that through architecture’s processes, but in our own way: local partners and materials, sustained economic impact, and better health through design.

MASS Design has seen that architecture is much more than buildings. Join them this year as we think #beyondthebuilding. Learn more at

Beyond The Building from MASS Design Group on Vimeo.

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MASS Design’s Story Inspires Local Children

This month, a fifth grade class visited Shaw Contract Group’s Plant 94 to learn about future career opportunities. In addition to Shaw Contract Group designers, they got the chance to hear MASS Design Group‘s Michael Murphy tell his story. Hearing from Shaw Contract Group designers and Michael helped to expose the students to several future career options while challenging them to make a difference in the world.

Michael Murphy presents to kids

Even the youngest of minds can help make change, as evident in the letters each of the children wrote Michael to thank him for is time.

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Interior Design Kicked Off Healthcare Giants with a Bang

Interior Design Magazine’s Healthcare Giants event drew a healthy crowd of designers to Il Mulino in the Michael Graves-designed Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, where this year’s Healthcare Design Conference kicked off.  Shaw Contract Group was proud to be a sponsor of this event.

Interior Design’s president Mark Strauss welcomes guests.

Interior Design’s president Mark Strauss welcomes guests. Photography by Kevin Newsome.

Carolyn Blake of  Gresham, Smith & Partners, with Shaw Contract Group's own Brandon Sweeney. Photography by Kevin Newsome.

Carolyn Blake of Gresham, Smith & Partners, with Shaw Contract Group’s own Brandon Sweeney. Photography by Kevin Newsome.

Healthcare Giants 2

Photography by Kevin Newsome.

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MASS Design’s Rwandan Doctor’s Housing wins Buro Happold Effectiveness Award

Butaro Hospital 1MASS Design Group is this year’s winner of the Buro Happold Effectiveness Award – a competition that celebrates designs which have made a positive impact on society.

The award was given for The Butaro Doctor’s Housing, which provides invaluable on-site physician housing in an area where doctor retention is a constant challenge. After opening in 2012, the four beautiful duplexes have inspired dignity, fostered community and fomented sustainability of the Burera District’s rural healthcare system.

Presenting a formidable package of gorgeous imagery, quantitative survey results and evidence of behavioral change, all sitting under a halo of noble aims, MASS Design Group proved with ease that Butaro’s presence has benefited the local community enormously.

Shaw Contract Group continues its partnership with MASS Design Group through the MASS Lab, a platform to develop, test, implement, and disseminate new ideas about how we build a better, more dignified world.

Butaro Hospital 3

Images: Mass Design

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