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Mural Artists Changing the Urban Experience

betterblowingkisses_garage-thumb-560x560Mural artists are changing the urban experience – exposed surfaces are opportunities for expression – and now companies are even commissioning well-known artists to inject more color to their properties – as is the case with Whole Foods’ newest Miami location, which added nature-inspired murals to its parking garage. Read the full article here.


The trend isn’t localized – it’s everywhere. And often it makes an impact greater than coloring our world. Atlanta is home to Living Walls,  an annual conference on street art and urbanism that began in 2010. Along with changing the urban landscape, the conference aims to highlight a number of problems facing the city – opening a platform for much-needed dialogue. The building above is a 2010 design by Tika, a Zurich-born artist who holds a Master’s Degree from Zurich’s University of Art & Design. This mural is located on the corner of Spring Street and W. Peachtree Street in Atlanta. The mural arts are big business. The time has come where we can finally wave goodbye to the stigma of graffiti – and welcome a new wave of art as it happens on sidewalks everywhere.  Keep calm and color on.


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Designing the journey..

civita bagnregio

Italy’s Cavita di Bagnoregio sits atop a plateau of volcanic tuff overlooking the Tiber river valley. Shaw Contract Group Creative Director, Reesie Duncan, spent time here earlier this year. Admired for its ancient architecture – the town’s unaltered condition is due to its relative isolation.

Scenes from a weaving co-op in Goreme, Turkey as snapped by Shaw Contract Group VP of Marketing John Stephens while on vacation.

Scenes from a weaving co-op in Goreme, Turkey as snapped by Shaw Contract Group VP of Marketing John Stephens while on vacation.

Design is a journey that awakens our senses.  As we immerse ourselves in the global community, we are  enlightened by culture and captivated by contrast.  We expand our craft, learning time-honored techniques from long-practiced artisans.  We revel in the process and find balance in the pauses.  All the better to step outside our own world and become part of something greater.  

These words are on the opening page for our 2014 Design Is… magazine, but they represent much more than well-placed copy.  At the Shaw Contract Group offices, we celebrate the sense of place.  It defines where we work, where we play, where we rest and where we reflect.  Design is all around us and channeled through us. Design is Place.

Click here to scroll through a few of the sights from Creative Director, Reesie Duncan’s Mediterranean excursion as well as images shared by John Stephens, VP of Marketing on his recent vacation in Turkey. We’ll be adding more images here to document our adventures so make sure you are following us on Pinterest.

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SND + 3Gatti: Computerized Carvings Create Retail Landscape

Check out this space!  3Gatti’s design for fashion label SND’s storefront in Chongqing, China yields an ethereal, dreamlike landscape that exudes movement and a new type of experience within the retail environment. By pairing computerized carvings coupled with mirrored spaces and thin, translucent materials, the design team was able to mimic the natural landscape. Design elements and creative direction in this project are in keeping with the insights of ColorSense, Shaw Contract Group’s recently launched color and trend forecast – due to launch online on November 15.

SND retail space offers an ethereal experience for visitors

SND retail space offers an ethereal experience for visitors

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Open House Creates a Creative Community Area in Alabama Town

Artist Matthew Mazzotta, the Coleman Center for the Arts, and the people of York, Alabama have teamed up to transform one of York’s most iconic blighted properties into a new public space. Open House is a house with a secret, it physically transforms from the shape of a house into an open air theater that seats one hundred people by having its walls and roof fold down.

OPEN HOUSE – Matthew Mazzotta 2013 from matthew mazzotta on Vimeo.

The metamorphosis of Open House is designed to require cooperation. It takes four people one and a half hours to unfold the structure. The foundation is made of used railroad ties which anchor the custom fabricated industrial hinges to five rows of stadium seating. The rows of seats fold down with the aid of a hand winch and enough manpower to counter balance the hefty, but agile structure.

open house 2

Through the project, the artist hopes to directly address the lack of public space in York, AL by providing a physical location that becomes a common ground for community dialogue and activities. The new structure carries the weight of the past through the materials that were salvaged and repurposed from the old structure, most visibly the original pink siding. When Open House is fully unfolded, it provides an opportunity for people to come together and experience the community from a new perspective. When it folds back up, it resembles the original abandoned house, reminding people of the history of what was there before.

open house 3



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#Floorcore. It’s a new hashtag obsession that is spreading like wild fire among design-loving Instagrammers. It’s tough to get enough of the inspiring tiles, antique rugs, inlaid hardwoods, and more people are sharing from around the world. Here are some of Lonny’s favorite snaps:

floorcore 5

The retro fabulous carpet at Portland International Airport even has its own Instagram account: @pdxcarpet.

floorcore 1

In the artist enclave of Sidi Bou Said in northern Tunisia.

floorcore 2

Lonny editor on a hex-happy carpet by Kinderground at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York.

floorcore 4

Lonny editor following a yellow brick road.

floorcore 3

This fashion photographer found some cool tiles

 Images: Lonny

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