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Brazil Celebrates the Wolrd Cup with Elaborate Street Paintings

Every four years, Brazilians come together to show their love for soccer by painting their streets. This year, they’re sharing it with the world. And because the World Cup is in Brazil this year, the people and their streets have that much more pride. See more of Brazil’s painted streets HERE.

Brazil_Painted streets 1

Brazil_Painted streets 2

Brazil_Painted streets 3

Brazil_Painted streets 4

You can create photo spheres of where you’re celebrating the World Cup with the new Google Camera app for Android.

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TOMS and Make It Right make a stylish collaboration

Make It Right was founded by Brad Pitt to build sustainable, affordable homes and to educate others to change the way buildings are designed and built. Now, Make It Right has teamed up with TOMS to create new men’s shoes and eyewear. The TOMS Classics slip on shoes ($64) as well as TOMS Beachmaster sunglasses ($125) feature a pattern of the map of New Orleans, symbolizing the efforts of Make It Right in the region. With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need.

Shaw has been donating sustainable flooring to multiple Make it Right projects since 2008 – talk about another great collaboration! From the 150 planned homes in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans to affordable housing in Kansas City, Shaw has supplied Make It Right projects with thousands of yards of carpet and hardwood flooring since their partnership eight years ago.


TOMSxMake it Right 1


TOMSxMake it Right 2


Images: TOMS

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The 4 Apps That Every Architect Should Have

ArchDaily took a poll on their Facebook page for the top 4 apps every architect should download now. If you’re an architect, pay attention to the picks below!

Fans overwhelmingly voted for AutoCad WS as the App they favor most. Why? Probably because AutoCad WS lets you annotate and revise drawings on the go – and lets you share them easily. Or maybe because the latest version features 3D viewing and GPS integration. But we’re also guessing it’s your favorite because of the price tag: AutoCad WS is 100% FREE - for ios / for Android

Created by the five architects behind the Morpholio project, this super cool App seeks to re-imagine the portfolio. As they put it, the App transforms “the users portfolio into a constantly versioning and customizable collection of images that is more reflective of the way we work today.” It also lets you collaborate with and critique the works of others, integrating you into an architectural community. Best of all, it’s FREE - for ios only

Apps for Archs_sketchbook

Sketchbook Mobile, one of many of Autodesk’s Sketchbook offerings, lets you draw, paint, and sketch – and it works in layers so you can edit easily as you go. $1.99 for ios / $0.25  for Android

Apps for Archs_Rhino

iRhino 3D lets you view your 3D Models any way you want – with a tap or drag of the finger you can easily zoom in, pan out, and even rotate your models. Plus, you can load your Rhino models from web sites (Google Docs, DropBox, email attachments, etc.) and then save them later to markup or email. $3.99 - for ios only

Images: ArchDaily

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Archeworks Designs Press Room at NeoCon

Each year, the world’s most cutting-edge commercial and residential interior designers come together under one roof to showcase their latest designs and products.  Over 1 MILLION square feet of space is transformed at The Merchandise Mart, all vying for the attention of the nearly 40 THOUSAND attendees from all over the world.


Let’s not forget the interactions that take place beyond buyer and seller, designer and manufacturer, or architect and contractor.  With a show as large as NeoCon, media, organizers and the general public curious about the latest trends need places of refuge or inspiration.  When The Mart approached Chicago based incubator, Archeworks, to help envision an unprecedented Press Room at the June 2014 event, we jumped at the opportunity!  Our objective, to create a space designed as a resource for media; our vision, create an inspirational space for all.

Design Team:

  • Rod Forslund – interior designer and owner of Rod Forslund Interior Design
  • Brad Malcolm – architectural designer and project manager at MAI Architects
  • Nicole Malcolm – designer and marketing coordinator, Archeworks graduate
  • Shiva Rashidianfar – nonprofit business administrator, Archeworks graduate

For 20 years now, the Archeworks model has fostered cooperation among individuals with varying backgrounds and experiences so they may pool their skill-sets to adapt an existing system, process or object holistically.  Sensitive to the desires of multiple constituents, maintaining malleability, and constantly redefining the values that give shape to a unified vision, we employ an iterative and responsive methodology.

waiting area

Our group synergy resonated with Shaw Contract Group and their innovative Hexagon carpet tile.  Inspired by creating new pathways, changing the way one moves through space, and encouraging collaborative chemistry, the shape becomes a cohesive concept and the carpet layout acts as a focal point throughout the Press Room.  Bringing the outdoors inside, Molo Designs cloud lights and floor lights simulate air while their earthy brown softseating create areas for social interaction.  A Hosu chair and Emu furniture by Coalesse help accent the room and pull it all together.

lounge_cafe area

Our team moves beyond the habit of looking through the narrow lens of single-minded goals or rigid disciplines, looking at, listening to, and asking questions of the people who live, work, and play in a particular space, to discover their needs and aspirations.  We acknowledge how inspiring collective vision can be in capturing the potential of the places and spaces that shape communities.

cafe (1)

With grateful appreciation to those manufacturers who helped donate their time and resources. PLACE MATTERS. 

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Shaw Contract Group Design is…Award Global Judging

The ellipsis, signifying the omission from a sentence, holds an important significance to our award name. The 356 projects entered into the competition complete the meaning of what design is.

Last week, five industry leaders took this one step further.  Taking time from busy schedules and pressing deadlines, the global jurors reviewed our 41 market award winners and not only defined what design is, but what the best design is.


2014 Design is…Award Global Judges

Defining what “best” means, and selecting the projects that do this most successfully is a big task, and one taken quite seriously by our judges.  Through hours of discussion and contemplation it became clear that there is not just one way to define the best design, though a few themes came up repeatedly: consistency, risk and restraint, to name a few.


Good design can define a brand, it can create a culture, and define how people work and interact. The same design applied to two different spaces could be successful for one, and not for the other. Too much design can be overboard, not enough can be mundane, and the mix can be different depending on the project.



Pausing to think about these concepts and evaluate the work of others opens up opportunity improve one’s own work, to gain insight into how as a design community, we can improve lives around us. Taking a critical eye to the 41 amazing projects represented resulted in lessons learned for all, including the Shaw Contract Group team.



We look forward to announcing the global winners this fall. In the meantime, check out our 40 market award winners and vote for your favorite. A People’s Choice Award will be named along with our global winners this fall.

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