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Noble Materials Grabs the Gold at BDNY


Shaw Hospitality Group designers Maria Scott and Omoleye Adeyemi pose in front of the award winning collection they created.

Noble Materials, Shaw Hospitality Group’s newest running line custom carpet collection, was a showstopper at BDNY 2015 claiming first place in the flooring category of the product competition.

BDNY (Boutique Design New York) is the preeminent trade show for the hospitality & leisure design industry organized each year by Boutique Design Magazine. With an emphasis on aesthetics and function, BDNY creates a two day forum for design teams and manufacturers to connect and ultimately define what’s next in the hospitality design space. Over 600 carefully curated booths cover roughly 80,000 net sq. feet and feature a panoply of products to peruse including furnishings, lighting, fabrics, wall coverings, bath and spa, and flooring. It’s generally held concurrently with HX: The Hotel Experience (formerly IHMRS) at the Jacob K. Javits Center in Manhattan.


Shaw Hospitality Group designers studied the charts and diagrams ancient alchemists meticulously plotted in the search to transform base metals into noble metals, such as gold, silver and copper to inspire the overall look and feel of the collection. Layered in luxury, modern marquetry is interpreted via pattern and data-inspired inlays for an exquisite flooring statement. Displayed in tones of deep grays and navy with a gold metallic accent, the tufted carpet collection gives designers endless options in more than 280 colors. With multiple field, broadloom, rug and corridor patterns, plus a collection of 24 inch x 24 inch carpet tiles, the collection color palette and pattern scale can be changed to create custom looks for any space. Noble Materials is a design catalyst that translates to various manufacturing technologies. Per the Shaw Contract Group standard, the broadloom and tile products in this collection are Cradle to Cradle — Bronze Certified and are fully assessed for human and material health. Made with Shaw’s patented EcoSolution Q nylon & EcoWorx Tile, these products are recyclable, contribute to LEED & are backed by a full environmental guarantee. You can actually see one of the custom designs come to life, via pigment swirled in water, by viewing the Noble Materials Collection video.

Next up on Shaw Hospitality Group’s road tour is the two-day Sleep Event starting Nov. 24th in London at the Business Design Centre. Considered to be Europe’s foremost hospitality design event, we are all confident that Noble Materials and Cell Theory will keep the momentum going and bring home some hardware from across the pond. Make sure to visit the Shaw Hospitality Group site for our updated event calendar and all things Noble Materials.

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Current Themes in Fashion Parallel Commercial Interior Trends

This article, posted recently by, shows how sleek finishes and dramatic lighting pair with metallic, organic and geometric elements – commercial interior trends that will set the tone for design aesthetic in 2016. Take a look.

commercial-interior-trends-1 commercial-interior-trends-2 commercial-interior-trends-3 commercial-interior-trends-1


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Young Talent Takes the Floor at Shaw Singapore


As part of Shaw Contract Group’s social responsibility efforts in Singapore, Shaw welcomed the bright young minds and their mentors to its newly opened space for a night of networking evening in commemoration of Temasek Polytechnic’s Mentor Apprenticeship Pilot Program on 21 October 2015.

Temasek Polytechnic’s Mentor Apprenticeship Pilot Program was designed to provide the rare opportunity to eight eager Interior Architecture and Design Year Two students of the School of Design to shadow an industry leader and to work closely with him/her on a current project. It is a unique program designed to connect students with an industry leader on a one-on-one mentoring opportunity giving them an eye-opening experience beyond the confines of their school walls.

The program at its pilot stage has seen huge support from the Design and Architecture industry with big names such as Simon McDonald, Design Director at Studio HBA, Simon Raper, Director of MMoser Associates, Matthew Burke, Regional Leader Asia at Geyer, Camy Tan, Director of Marketing and Design Communications, Matilda Sung, Design Leader at Woods Bagot, Vanessa Lin and Archie Cruda, Brand and Communication Manager and Head, Design Excellence Centre at Space Matrix, taking part as mentors to help steer the programme to a more robust regular offering to Temasek Polytechnic design students.

The networking event was the first time where all stakeholders of the program came together to collectively share their experiences and provide feedback for the pilot. Each student apprentice gave a short presentation on their key  takeaways from the first-hand experience in the industry during their last semester break. The student apprentices spent their last vacation break shadowing their mentors and are expected to continue to work with their mentors again in their next vacation break in March.

As a design hub and catalyst for design excellence, Shaw Contract Group hopes to continually attract more creative minds to its creative space where the local economy will have access to and come together to collaborate, share and exchange ideas and applications.

With the take-off of this pilot, Temasek Polytechnic hopes to have student apprentices tagged to their mentors throughout their three year diploma program, including their compulsory six-month internship during their third year. This unique program is designed with the objective that student graduates will have the opportunity to gain relevant background and work experience for them to integrate into the workplace seamlessly.

Based on insightful feedback from students and mentors, it was agreed that the pilot has gotten off to a good start. One apprentice even had the rare chance to tag along for an interior design photo shoot. Student apprentices also expressed their appreciation and gratitude for their mentors by presenting them with heartfelt gifts at the end of their presentations. The mentors also commented on the potential of the program and the students, such as building their confidence in sharing their ideas or creativity in design, a critical skill required in the workplace.

Two Temasek Polytechnic scholars also had the opportunity to showcase their installations on that same evening. These students spent about three weeks prior specially designing the installations which were inspired by Shaw’s latest collection – Hand Drawn and Altered.


Inspired by Shaw’s Hand Drawn carpet collection, Muhammad Nor Nazul created ‘Hand Drawn’ to to depict how imperfections and irregularities can be transformed into beautiful designs. There were markers alongside the art installation, urging people to add on and “complete” to the ‘imperfect, unfinished’ installation. The piece was the artist’s attempt to convey the beauty in imperfections.


Inspired by Shaw’s Altered carpet collection, Darren Ng created ‘Altered’ with the mind-set that everybody has a different perspective. The curved surface of the installation allows one to have changing perspective from every angle with the reflecting mirrors, creating a sense of illusion.

The evening concluded with mentors and mentees both feeling inspired to do more and better when the next semester break happens in March 2016.

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Design is Connected India Retreat Weaves Sustainability into Practice


Sustainability is a key concern for designers and they prefer to use eco-friendly products and materials. They also believe they could weave sustainability in their design projects. This follows a recent survey conducted with key architect and design industry leaders who attended the Design Is Connected Retreat organised by Shaw Contract Group in Goa, India from 9 to 11 October 2015. Shaw Contract Group organised this retreat with the aim to connect with their partners in the Asia Pacific region and India in the aspect of design.

8 out of 10 designers also rated design as the most important consideration when selecting a supplier.


“The discussions and insights drawn from key leaders in the design and architecture industry have been beneficial to Shaw Contract Group. Following this retreat, we are able to align our product offerings with our suppliers to ensure the Architects and Designers in India are shown our full range of products. This has been helpful in our continual collaboration with India.” said Dan Clark, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Shaw Contract Group.

“It was a very inspiring event for those in the design field to see such level of work being done on the design, pattern and texture of carpets” said Sabina Reddy, Director, at M Moser Associates.

“The next trend will be moving from geometrical patterns to more abstract patterns with bright colours,” says Raghunath Avutapalli, Senior Architect, DWP Interics, in relation to design trends in 2016.

On creating sustainable designs, Satish Purushan, Senior Architect, STUP Consultants, says that “it is crucial to create products that not only have 100 per cent LEED rating on paper, but are also eco-friendly in terms of practicality in order to raise awareness and promote sustainability across all industries.”


The Design Is Connected Retreat saw about 50 guests comprising of directors, architects and service providers from more than 20 well-established firms, including DSP, RSP and Space Matrix, come together and exchange their views on upcoming trends in the industry.


For more information about Shaw’s sustainability initiatives and its continued leadership in the discussion, development and application of sustainable design, please visit our sustainability site.

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Microsoft Conference Centre named 2015 Design Is…Award People’s Choice Winner

Shaw Contract Group conducted interviews with all firms of winning projects from the 2015 Design Is…Award program. As part of this process, we share a portion of the response on our blog for readers to learn more about the winning projects. These are their stories.

Marjorie Marshall from Metaphore Design spoke with us about the design approach for the Microsoft Conference Centre project.

Describe this project in one word.


The Microsoft Conference Centre keywords required the environment to be a fun and casual place to exchange, learn and inspire innovation.

In what way does this project demonstrate how design can impact users in a space?

Although the Microsoft Conference Centre (serving visitors and employees alike) offers varied options for conventional meetings and training sessions-  the common areas are infused with enticing opportunities for spontaneous collaboration and quiet reflection. Whether the visitor is sipping a cappuccino at the bar, enjoying the view at the window seat, playing a lively game of XBox , or sharing a private exchange in the banquette nook – the process of  shared learning and creativity is reinforced by the stimulating environment.


Design is a process. Explain your journey.

Of course every project begins with a thorough exploration of our clients’ company. By understanding the Microsoft management objectives and challenges for this project, we could direct our design solutions to re-enforce their corporate goals.  The Metaphore Design creative process ensures that there is a direct link between the project Design Concept and our clients Corporate Soul. Beginning with client -directed KEYWORDS, we select images relating to the essence of these words. The next layer is architectural images inspired by the keyword images. From there, we develop the Design Concept connecting to the layout and clients functional needs. At every stage, we connected back with the Microsoft project team to ensure we were on the same wavelength. This way, they felt empowered to be part of our process and were very enthusiastic at the presentation of our ideas for the Conference Centre…

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned through this project that you’d want to share with the designers of tomorrow?

This project was an exciting one for our design team. It had to be great! Microsoft believed in Metaphore Design to create a space that would encourage collaboration and innovation.  We were so pumped to meet the challenge. The success of the Microsoft project was truly due to our ability to work together as a united team. By fully utilizing our individual strengths, and collaborating as a united force, we were stronger than the sum of our parts, and we became a better team in the process.

I would say to young designers – don’t be afraid to co-operate FULLY in a team… You won’t lose anything, and everyone will gain.

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