World’s Best Cities for Architecture Lovers

Condé Nast Traveler chose 14 cities – some well known, some surprising – from around the world that embody certain eras of architecture and give travelers access to real life (and free!) design exibits. Check out the 14 that made the list:

  1. Miami, Florida, USA [Art Deco]
  2. Mason City, Iowa, USA [Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School]
  3. Tel Aviv, Israel [Bauhaus]
  4. Seattle, Washington, USA [American Arts & Crafts]
  5. Chandigarh, India [Mid-Century Modernism]
  6. Florence, Italy [Renaissance]
  7. Barcelona, Spain [Gaudís Art Nouveau]
  8. Istanbul, Turkey [Byzantine/Ottoman]
  9. Columbus, Indiana, USA [Modernism and Post-Modernism]
  10. Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, New York, USA [Victorian]
  11. Dubai, United Arab Emirates [Contemporary]
  12. Marrakech, Morocco [Moorish Architecture]
  13. Oxford, England [Gothic Revival]
  14. Portland, Oregon, USA [Green Architecture]

Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, NY

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Photos: Condé Nast Traveler

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  1. I can scratch off a few of those, but definitely have to see all of them. Thanks for the pictures, too!

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