Trends In Bloom

Meet the newest social media platform: Designed and curated by lidewij edelkoort, this free tool brilliantly illustrates how trends grow, evolve and how they affect our daily lives – drawing connections between edelkoort’s forecasts and a piece of art, a plant, or any number of inspiring objects. Within the this online design universe, viewers have access to recent projects or access details about trend union’s live presentations. In the talent section, glimpse promising future designers as selected by edelkoort. By collaborating with stylists and photographers, these inspirational tools become sophisticated image banks for creatives all around the world.

The SCG team finds these images inspiring, insightful and perhaps a bit reminiscent of our own design processes for the DyeLab and Natural Palette collections. Great minds do think alike…

Here’s a peek at the Bloom Gallery from trendtablet.

A notable mention: edelkoort’s Bloom magazine contributor Shane Powers has published his first book, Bring the Outdoors In ($16.47). Described as a fresh and aesthetic lifestyle book, Powers offers original and creative ways to blur the boundaries between outside and inside. Fascinated by the natural world for as long as he can remember, Powers says “I didn’t start working on botanicals until I got a job as a photo stylist for the groundbreaking publication Bloom. The founder, Lidewij Edelkoort, encouraged me to think beyond traditional uses, and focus on plants and flowers as more dynamic elements. I began to look at their shapes, colors, and textures with a new perspective.”


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