The Edgeless School Showcases Design for Better Learning

What is your best memory from school? Do you think the design of the space affected the learning experience? AIA New York Chapter, in collaboration with the Committee on Architecture for Education and the Center for Architecture Foundation, present an exhibition called The Edgeless School: Design for Learning. Curated by Thomas Mellins, The Edgeless School: Design for Learning presents nineteen 21st century school buildings from across the U.S. that blur distinctions between learning needs, approaches, and environments. This exhibition will run at The Center for Architecture in New York City starting today through January 19.

Shaw Contract Group is a global design leader, manufacturing high performance cradle-to-cradle flooring products ideal for any learning environment. We believe design goes beyond aesthetics. Our education studio focuses on the needs of students, faculty and maintenance experts, designing flooring solutions for maximum comfort, ease of maintenance, durability and performance. Shaw Contract Group’s EcoWorx tiles are completely recyclable and PVC-free, making product reclamation and recycling easy and allowing customers to reduce their environmental impact. Shaw Contract Group’s Light Series collection was inspired by the role that color and light plays in student achievement. This collection, which is highlighted in The Edgeless School space, infuses pattern and light to influence attitudes, engage students, and stimulate minds.

Photo: AIA NY

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