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#Floorcore. It’s a new hashtag obsession that is spreading like wild fire among design-loving Instagrammers. It’s tough to get enough of the inspiring tiles, antique rugs, inlaid hardwoods, and more people are sharing from around the world. Here are some of Lonny’s favorite snaps:

floorcore 5

The retro fabulous carpet at Portland International Airport even has its own Instagram account: @pdxcarpet.

floorcore 1

In the artist enclave of Sidi Bou Said in northern Tunisia.

floorcore 2

Lonny editor on a hex-happy carpet by Kinderground at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York.

floorcore 4

Lonny editor following a yellow brick road.

floorcore 3

This fashion photographer found some cool tiles

 Images: Lonny

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Human Movement Transformed into Sculptures

CCTV out of China aired network promo videos that featured human motion translated into digitally sculpted objects like steel, water, and wood. The clips were created by Taiwan design house JL Design and KORB.

sculpt-1 sculpt-2 sculpt-3

Images: Colossal

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