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What’s Trending in Retail

Spring is approaching, and with it brings new trends and fresh palettes.  In terms of color, we will see more cool, soft shades. According to the Pantone Spring 2015 Fashion Color Report, a mix of understated brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals will take center stage this season. Patterns range from floral to tropical with a mix of cool and warm tones (think ice blue and lemon yellow).


Pantone Spring 2015 Fashion Color Report

In the realm of merchandising,  GlobalShop 2015 attendees will glimpse current and upcoming trends in retail as they pertain to an immersive, innovative shopping experience.  With breakout sessions focusing on store design and visual merchandising, consumer insights and the path to purchase, participants will learn about the technologies shaping retail and how to best leverage opportunities and engage consumeres.  Held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, the show begins today and runs through March 26.

Color plays a significant role in our lives and in our surroundings – whether at home, work or play. As consumers, it shapes our retail  experience.  As designers, it motivates and inspires new ways of thinking about interior spaces.

Color at Work

Color at Work

Shaw Contract Group’s Color at Work collection merges fields of colors and pixelated patterns for brilliant installation options.  Creative installtion options abound with ColorFrame/ColorForm‘s 24×24 and 9×26 tile products to make either a monochromatic or progressive color statement.

Visit GlobalShop’s website for more information on the 2015 event’s speaker and exhibitor line-up.  #weloveretail.

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Trends In Bloom

Meet the newest social media platform: trendtablet.com. Designed and curated by lidewij edelkoort, this free tool brilliantly illustrates how trends grow, evolve and how they affect our daily lives – drawing connections between edelkoort’s forecasts and a piece of art, a plant, or any number of inspiring objects. Within the this online design universe, viewers have access to recent projects or access details about trend union’s live presentations. In the talent section, glimpse promising future designers as selected by edelkoort. By collaborating with stylists and photographers, these inspirational tools become sophisticated image banks for creatives all around the world.

The SCG team finds these images inspiring, insightful and perhaps a bit reminiscent of our own design processes for the DyeLab and Natural Palette collections. Great minds do think alike…

Here’s a peek at the Bloom Gallery from trendtablet.

A notable mention: edelkoort’s Bloom magazine contributor Shane Powers has published his first book, Bring the Outdoors In ($16.47). Described as a fresh and aesthetic lifestyle book, Powers offers original and creative ways to blur the boundaries between outside and inside. Fascinated by the natural world for as long as he can remember, Powers says “I didn’t start working on botanicals until I got a job as a photo stylist for the groundbreaking publication Bloom. The founder, Lidewij Edelkoort, encouraged me to think beyond traditional uses, and focus on plants and flowers as more dynamic elements. I began to look at their shapes, colors, and textures with a new perspective.”

Images: Trendtablet.com, Amazon.com

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Corporate Design Trends for 2013

Gensler has released its Design Forecast for 2013, which is a detailed summary of what’s trending in global markets and their implications for design. With 60 identified trends, this report touches on all market segments and gives insight into relevant areas such as product design and urban development.

What’s in store for corporate environments this year? Here are a few items on the list that we feel are making a big impact:

Trend #2: Millennial Influence—The influence of millennial workers can be seen in the workplace and this reflects the cohort’s interest in self-direction and self-expression. The new Velti offices (by AECOM) illustrates that co-working space provides an instant community that’s used for rapid-fire collaboration. Hackable space can be reshaped on the fly to meet a work team’s fast changing-needs. Artwork and amenities are homegrown and contemporary.

Velti by AECOM in San Francisco, CA (c) David Wakely

Trend #3: Supporting Focus Work—Studies show that individual focus work is the most significant factor in workplace effectiveness—and if supported, then collaboration, learning and social interaction improve. If you don’t, it atrophies. The challenge is how to support focus work in the open work setting.

Trend #10-12: Corporate Campus Headquarters –Whether the preference is urban or suburban, the latest campus centers are tailored to the company’s culture and ways of working more closely than in the past—giving global and mobile teams a home base. Some of the larger energy, technology and financial giants are opting for mega campuses with the goal of supporting work processes, collaboration, social cohesion and to protect intellectual property…truly a self-contained community. This CBRE space, a project by Gensler, is a great depiction of how these preferences influence company culture.

CBRE Orange County by Gensler in Newport Beach, CA

Need more? Read the entire forecast at www.gensler.com

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The Office of the Future: Coming Soon

Yes, design can set the trend, but more often that not, it is a response to trends. As product designers, we must understand how our products are being used in the market place. In turn, as interior designers, you must understand how your customers are utilizing their space – or how they should be using their space.

Read more about Teknion's "Workplace of the Future" survey at www.teknion.com

Teknion, maker of office systems and furniture products, recently conducted a survey focused on the future of the workplace. Survey results point to change that we all know is happening: desk-to-employee ratios are drastically evolving and office space is being reevaluated. In fact, current workplace utilizations levels range between 35 to 50 percent; by 2015, according to Teknion’s data, this number will rise to 85 percent – the results of more companies adopting remote working programs and hoteling stations within their offices.

The workplace of today is in flux. It will look very different in the near future. What changes are you currently seeing? How are you addressing them in your space planning?

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