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Material Health Matters: a Transparent Conversation

Shaw Contract Group to host Material Health CEU at NeoCon:

Focusing on continuous product improvement and engaging in local conversation around material health encourages manufacturers and the design community to promote leadership in sustainable efforts – making a greater impact within the built environment.

On June 16, during Chicago’s annual NeoCon expo, Shaw Contract Group will lead an engaging discussion with an audience of architects and designers on how to identify and specify sustainable product selections for the spaces they design.  The discussion will focus on current tools and programs pertaining to material health.

The event includes lunch and provides attendees an opportunity to earn CEU credit (IDCEC, AIA and GBCI qualifying for Health Safety Wellness). The event is limited to a small audience, but designers and architects who will not be at NeoCon can request a scheduled Material Health documentary and CEU by contacting their local Shaw Contract Group Account Manager.

NeoCon is the largest commercial interiors show in North America, taking place at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago since 1969.  The three-day event is the premier platform for connecting, learning and doing business in the industry, and attracts 50,000 design professionals and 700 exhibitors.  Visit www.neocon.com for more information.

About Shaw Contract Group

As a global leader in floor covering, Shaw Contract Group defines design through great appearance, performance and sustainability.  Its’ Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified products are 100% recyclable and perform in commercial spaces around the world.  Shaw Contract Group has received Best of NeoCon awards for its carpet collections every year since 2002; was rated “best overall business experience” by facility managers and designers; and was recognized among Contract magazine’s top ten “Brands that Inspire.”  A brand of Shaw Industries, Shaw Contract Group combines the expertise of the world’s largest carpet manufacturer with the financial stability of a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. For more information, visit shawcontractgroup.com.



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Welcome to an altered perspective. We’ve changed the space & redefined the room for an entirely different point of view-where things aren’t quite what they seem. Layer your curiosity with creativity to blur the line between the real & the surreal-redefining how we see.  Not just within a space – but in all that surrounds us.  Design is transformed.



An ideal selection for creating spaces with varying degrees of movement or pattern, the collection palette features 12 colors and four styles to provide directional vibrancy in two formats: 9×36 and 18×36. Using alone or blended to build scale or enhance the space.

Here, we conducted an exploratory workshop, immersing ourselves in the process of analog vs. digital.  The purpose: to identify how we process imagery and detect the real from the altered.  We’re anchored by digital enhancement, so working with photographers enabled us to shift both our thinking and designs. Taking what we learned, we made something beautiful – something entirely different.


Product Detail:

Analog is a tonal pattern with subtle blurring in 18×36 format.

Distort is a tonal 18×36 with a broken geometric pattern to convey a layered, digitized aesthetic. Glitch provides a sleek streak of concentrated color along the long edge of the 9×36 plank.

Manipulate is a directional 9×36 plank with energetic glitching of color throughout.

Altered is applicable for all market segments and offers superior durability, style and recyclability. The Shaw Contract Group lifetime commercial warranty covers abrasive wear, tuft-bind, edge ravel and delamination.


Altered goes beyond Declare & HPDs. Cradle to Cradle Silver & assessed for human health. Made with recyclable EcoSolution Q nylon & EcoWorx Tile, these products contribute to LEED & are backed by an environmental guarantee.

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Intrigued by the simplicity of hand drawn lines, this collection examines line widths, irregularities and imperfections – along with various techniques that capture intimate glimpses of the artist’s personality.  Here, we grant ourselves permission to return to the sketch.  Putting computers and devices aside, we re-engage our instincts, which shaped the design industry before technology.

Hand Drawn

Experimenting with a variety of tools, techniques and papers revealed all pattern inspiration within the collection, which will boast a wide cross-market appeal.  The collection includes three 18×36 tile options and two coordinating broadlooms.  All styles are available in 12 colors.

Product Detail:

Fine Point Tile: small/medium scale and multidirectional

Lineweight Tile: sends large-scale pattern in a new direction.

Stipple Tile:a sophisticated, organic aesthetic and a sense of imperfect variation.

 Broadloom styles:

Conte – small scale pattern/injects movement

Erase – small scale pattern similar to conte but with portions ‘erased’ for added interest


Hand Drawn goes beyond Declare & HPDs. Cradle to Cradle Silver & assessed for human health. Made with recyclable EcoSolution Q nylon & EcoWorx Tile, these products contribute to LEED & offer an environmental guarantee. All styles in this collection provide superior durability, style and recyclability. Shaw Contract Group’s lifetime commercial warranty covers abrasive wear, tuft-bind, edge ravel and delamination.

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Based on the internal clockwork of humankind, Collective Time Resilient takes cues from the shifting light captured from day to night.

Collective Time Resilient

The Nightingale Gold Award-winning collection was designed specifically with healthcare environments in mind, and given the positive response we’ve received from the market we expect this product to be used across all segments.  There’s additional versatility here, as these styles are intended to coordinate with the Collective Time Carpet collection, a 2014 Neocon Gold recipient.


Product Detail

Collective Time Resilient, a collection of sheet vinyl and plank products, is constructed with high performance components, including ExoGuard quartz-enhanced urethane for severe traffic and intensive use spaces.  Each box of plank is intentionally designed for random and fluid movement of color, ensuring that no two installations are alike. Constant sheet is designed with solid color options and a soft gradient that shifts across the width of the product. Styles can be used alone or mixed to create visual interest in a space.

Because healthcare clients prefer a cohesive design that is not visually sterile, Collective Time was designed to provide flexibility within a space. Clients can mix styles to create unique installations, enhance way-finding and provide an additional layer of design.  There are three styles in the collection – each featuring a woven visual texture:

Change: a sheet good with a soft gradient aesthetic.  Available in 6 colors.

Constant: a sheet good providing a solid option .  Available in 12 colors.

Interval: a plank offering the same, soft gradient . Available in 6 colors.



This collection is FloorScore certified and contributes to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System. Additionally, Shaw Hard Surface products and adhesives emit low VOCs, making them safe for even the most sensitive areas such as hospitals and schools. Our products have independent certification from various third party laboratories that ensure safe and clean air post-installation.

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‘Urgent Architecture’ Shows Us Housing Designs for a Changing World

Artist, freelance writer, and Inhabitat.com architecture editor Bridgette Meinhold  published an important new book this month, titled “Urgent Architecture: 40 Sustainable Housing Solutions for a Changing World,” which is well worth a read. As excerpted from the book’s profile (via W.W. Norton & Company), “There is an urgent need for safe, sustainable housing designs that are cheap to build, environmentally friendly, and hardy enough to withstand severe environmental conditions. Not only is there climate change to contend with, but there are millions of people, right now, who do not have safe or adequate housing.”

In Urgent Architecture, Bridgette Meinhold showcases 40 successful emergency and long-term housing projects—from repurposed shipping containers to sandbag homes. She surveys successful structures as well as highlighting promising projects that are still being developed. Every one is quickly deployable, affordable, and sustainable. This book is an essential resource for those who are interested in green building, sustainable design, eco-friendly materials, affordable housing, material reuse, and humanitarian relief.

To learn more about or order Urgent Architecture, visit WWNorton.com

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