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Retail Showstopper: Silvercar

Two words: luxury & convenience.  Silvercar ‘s unique approach to customer service utilizes mobile technology to benefit customers-on-the-go.  The retail space takes cues from silver Audi A4, the sole vehicle in its fleet. Interiors feature silver metal contrasting with illuminated components and varying textures.  Black leather walls and burl wood veneer enhance the luxury rental experience.  The aesthetic is sharp, evoking movement while keeping a striking sophistication. The customer path is carefully crafted, with features such as the fast lane to usher users to their car – efficiently – similar to highway traffic culture.  Self-kiosks with illuminated resin reflect light into the space like headlights, the space evokes movement while reflecting the client’s luxury car inspiration. And as we all know, the devil is in the details.  Silver walls flanking the iPad kiosk are custom etched with designs representing aerial view of cars on the road. And let’s not overlook the floor – On the Edge carpet tile complements the aesthetic injecting additional dimension into the sleek, refined interior.

PGAL (& Red Earth Designs) Silvercar Space

PGAL (& Red Earth Designs) Silvercar Retail Space

The design community is getting a glimpse of the latest and greatest in retail trends at GlobalShop 2015, happening now in Las Vegas.  Attendees will experience how to create an immersive, innovative retail experience for their clients.  Visit the GlobalShop website for more information on the 2015 speaker and exhibitor line-up.  #weloveretail.

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2013 Market Winner: Silvercar by PGAL and RED Earth Designs

As the winners of the 2013 Design is … Award Market Award, Shaw Contract Group winning firms interviewed as part of a section of Shaw Contract Group blog which will last a year. Throughout the year, readers can learn more about the 48 winning projects and the individuals who perform them. These are their stories.

Rachel Guest, CEO & Lead Interior Designer at RED Earth Designs, talked to us about taking inspiration from a car, creating new concepts and enhancing people’s lives.

What about this project represents why you choose to be a designer?
In a word, branding. This project is a great representation of showing interior environments representing what the brand is and wants to be. This represents my choice to be a designer. I love the psychology behind people, their vision, their company mission and their product. I love to interpret actual concepts and design principles and elements into the physical environment, even down to the details of materials, lighting, reflections, and textures. I see the ideas of who they are and what they do and creating a spatial experience for everyone to enjoy drives me. I love enhancing people’s lives and I feel like it’s a gift I can contribute.


Did you ever stray from this path or think about changing courses?
Yes and No. On the one hand, I’m a designer through and through. On the other, I have an entrepreneurial spirit, but even that is wrapped up in design. My career trajectory has evolved from the traditional designer-client model to my founding of a design-based e-commerce company which brings interior design to everyone. So, I still work with one foot in the traditional design world with RED Earth, but I have founded a company that totally revolutionizes that model, and that’s LookNook.co

The design of the space revolves around the design of the silver Audi A4. Tell me more about that decision.
I can bring the client into the product before they are actually in the product, or car – and in this design we successfully managed this challenge. It’s an innovative technology-driven enterprise, so I didn’t do a typical counter, for example, rather there are kiosks. We also brought elements from the car’s interior that are sleek, modern and luxurious with unexpected lighting features and upholstered wallpaper representational of the car.


What were some challenges in designing this space?
Look, every project has challenges in the details, especially when you are doing construction at an airport. For me, personally, I wanted to push the envelope. I didn’t want it to look like a ‘nicer’ version of a typical car rental counter. It’s a new innovative concept, so I wanted the project to reflect that. We were inventing the look of the company while they were refining their message.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned during this process? Or, did things turn out differently than planned?
I learned that I have a passion for branding spaces and working with start-up companies because I can help them execute the vision of what and who they are; that type of work speaks to my inner-entrepreneur. The final product is always a little different than the initial vision because the process is often a series of negotiations between the idealistic world and the reality of the space and the external challenges.

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