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Showroom Multicarpet Rollux is a 2015 Design Is…Award Global Winner

Shaw Contract Group conducted interviews with all firms representing Global winning projects from the 2015 Design Is…Award program. As part of this process, we share a portion of the response on our blog for readers to learn more about the winning projects.  These are their stories.

Maite Bartolomé from + Architects addresses the design process for Showroom Multicarpet Rollux in Santiago, Chile.

Describe this project in one word.



How does this project demonstrate how design can impact users in a space?

The design is based on  Exhibition Support Elements that characterize the interior space, so the relationship between the visitor and the showcased products becomes fluid and interactive, becoming part of the natural use of the space.


Design is a process. Explain your journey.

The Multicarpet Rollux showroom gathers sales and product specification offices, and exhibition spaces for both companies. The commission emphasized from the outset that the work and exhibition spaces were integrated, seeking a close relationship with the client, and transmitting the intention of Rollux and Multicarpet of supporting architects find the right materials and solutions for each project, in a joint work similar to an architecture studio.

With this starting point, the design of the Showroom integrates materials and products from both companies as a natural solution to the main functional and climatic requirements of the building, and not as exhibited elements in isolation. The design focuses on two main elements:

1)   A large wooden shelving system located in the center of the building, associated to the vertical circulation of the Showroom, will serve as a reference library for catalogs that provide insight into the multiple lines of Multicarpet flooring. This shelving system has a second technical function, as it hides HVAC equipment and serves as horizontal and vertical shaft for building facilities.

2)    A metal perimeter rail and facade profiles that support the various lines of Interior and Exterior Rollux Curtains, along all glass facades of the building, allowing to control the optimal natural lighting in workspaces and characterize the exterior facades.

The architecture of the building focuses on the solution of the details of these two elements, simple solutions are sought for a clean project that transmits the quality of the materials displayed.


What are the most important lessons you’ve learned through this project that you’d want to share with the designers of tomorrow?

The importance of the flexibility and adaptability of the building.  The building should remain as a neutral background for the exhibited products, so it can evolve through time, allowing changes on use and function, not becoming obsolete.

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Visit our NeoCon Showroom. Take the Virtual Tour.

Networking is the new shape of design. Inside our NeoCon 2013 showroom, design is connected in every way, shape and six-sided form— bringing together thinkers, creators, builders, makers, connectors of a better world. Get ready to build a social hive. Prepare to form a new community. Tour the virtual showroom.

Visit Shaw Contract Group at NeoCon – showroom 10-167. 


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What Comes Around…

Like countless young spirits before and after him, Daniel Shi landed in New York City one winter’s day in 1984 hungry to pursue his dreams. A graduate student in painting at the Pratt Institute, Shi, then 25, who is from Taiwan, couldn’t wait to begin exploring the world class museums and avant-garde art exhibitions that were drawing creatives from across the globe, despite the city’s then-urban decay.

But Shi soon decided he wanted to mix his love of art with something more practical, and he switched his focus to interior design. So, in addition to the gallery visits, he found himself wandering through midtown Manhattan on the hunt for fabric samples and other design materials that he needed for design class projects.

Much to his dismay, design showrooms had no interest in handing over their prized materials. “If you said you were a designer they would ask for a business card to prove you’re a professional,” Shi recalls. “But all we had were student ID’s.”

Shaw Contract Group New York Showroom, seen here featuring Natural Palette and Dye Lab (with On The Edge on the floor)

His luck changed upon entering Shaw Industries’ showroom, where the sales team was more than happy to furnish the young grad student with samples. Shi used the samples to compile material boards and other projects critical to learning how to craft design themes for clients. “Everyone else would say, sorry we only give to designers, but Shaw was really helpful,” he says.

Nearly three decades later, Shaw’s generosity shines brightly for Shi, who is now a successful interior designer in Chengdu, China. This vast metropolis in the country’s southwest also happens to be a prime focus for the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, which is building a carpet tile factory in Nantong, near Shanghai, to service to growing Asia-Pacific market. As Shaw works to understand what local companies are seeking, it needs input and cooperation from local designers. Now, Shi is in a position to support the newcomer in a foreign city. It is a twist of fate that brings a benefit no amount of marketing can buy: good karma.

Shaw’s investment in the next generation of designers continues to this day. Last year, the Shaw Contract Group design team collaborated with the Savannah College of Art and Design on a fiber art competition in which students submitted innovated designs for the company’s recent Natural Palette collection. The students experimented with herbs, metals and flowers, as well as indigenous weaving practices, to push the limits of color and texture. The winners’ designs were incorporated into the carpet tile line. The students behind them gained critical networking experience with industry leaders.

Entries from the SCAD student competition and inspiration for the Natural Palette collection

Half a world away, Shi has incorporated Shaw carpet into numerous projects across Asia and especially in China, where he has been based since 2000. China’s roaring economy has created tremendous opportunity for global companies and designers, most recently in the country’s interior boomtowns, like Chengdu. Since relocating from Beijing to Chengdu last year, Shi, the founder of the Formula Integration Design Center, has worked with both multinational and Chinese clients. But his design work is increasingly coming from domestic companies, including a 107,000-square-foot office space.

Shi’s connections to private companies and state-owned enterprises in Chengdu make him a valuable resource for Shaw. He sees the relationship as mutually beneficial in a country in which quality carpet is still largely a rare species. “I feel we’re helping each other,” he says. “In China there’s not so much good product for designers, so it’s great Shaw is opening for business here.”

Shi’s early support from Shaw has inspired him to pay it forward. Today, half of his staff is comprised of recent college graduates just as eager for to launch their careers as he once was. “I want to train them because they’re the future,” he says.

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Lighting Up the NeoCon Showroom with Projection Bombing

Having projection bombing as the inspiration for our collection, Light Series, we thought we’d bring our own take on the trend into our showroom. Guests who visit the space can create their own projection by filling in the blank of “Design is ______.” These statements will be projected on the walls of the showroom and photos of you and your projection will be posted on our Facebook page.

Come by showroom 10-167 to project on our walls about what design is!

Design is Amazing

Picture 1 of 4

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Beijing Celebrates its New Showroom

Our new Beijing showroom is now open. Check out this video of the high-energy opening celebration. This light-filled, collaborative and vibrant space will serve to expand the accessibility of our sustainable carpet to the Asia Pacific market. Huan ying.

Read more about our Beijing showroom in the June issue of Surfacing Magazine.


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