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MODERN EDIT COLLECTION: A 2016 Shaw Contract NeoCon Launch

Here we’vve created a mixed installation of two colors of tile style Ornate.

Connecting to the past. Re-framing the concept of heritage. Tactile materials are disrupted by elements with an industrial edge, and textile craft is emboldened with unconventional scales and imperfect finishes. Modern Edit introduces three new 18×36 carpet tile designs and two broadlooms, thoughtfully designed to reveal a distressed opulence.
The styles in this collection reflect a sense of place and history by paying homage to textile heritage. Here, luxury is defined artisanal deconstruction and unexpectedly delicate details as we expose the tension between femininity and structure and revisit heritage with threadbare, yet luxurious authenticity:
Narrative Tile is a refined, discreet, archival texture with a sense of the past with a modern take.
Rethread Tile creates a threadbare texture of scale, aesthetically broken-in but with the integrity of something new & untouched.
Ornate Tile is a subtle approach to adornment – reminiscent of Persian textiles with sculpted texture.
Edition is a small scale broadloom pattern with inlaid texture and high contrast for a subtle plush field.
Inherit is a large scale rhythmic broadloom design where stitches and structures become looser to reveal a confident pattern element.
“Merging design across workplace and residential segments drives desire to create a sense of place, lineage or personal history,” Said Reesie Duncan, VP Design. “This collection speaks to the aesthetic psychology of a comforting unspoken narrative.”
The collection palette features neutrals & colors to infuse the collection’s traditional foundation with a fresh visual approach. Modern Edit transcends the barriers of residential and commercial aesthetics to appeal to a broader audience of application. The collection allows you to move from hard surface to carpet tile and custom area rugs to create an innovative & cohesive product story.
At Shaw Contract, we believe that everything matters. Constructed with EcoWorx tile backing (broadloom styles on UltraLoc) & Eco Solution Q nylon, the products in this collection are Cradle to Cradle Silver & assessed for impact on health + the environment. EcoWorx products are recyclable, contribute to LEED & backed by Environmental Guarantee. The Shaw Contract lifetime commercial warranty covers abrasive wear, tuft-bind, edge ravel and delamination.


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