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The Park is designed to redefine boundaries, enhance our mood & open our minds. We are inspired by the parallels of how we move, gather and connect within different zones of a park & how they correlate to commercial interiors.

The Park

The Park

A renewal of space & spirit, the collection is designed to be transformative-in people, thinking & spaces. The park is a compelling design to infuse elements of outside & influence well-being for everyone experiencing the space. Flexibility compounds through a combination of 9×36 & 18×36 formats and Colorpoint tufting technology.

Creating spaces to gather thoughts or gather together. Varying degrees of pattern, texture & color allow you to design a range of spaces from communal to private .Warm and cool tones with vivid color options reflect renewal and vitality.


Product Detail:

Linger provides a moment of calm on the floor.

Drift is a near-solid indulgent bark texture.

Renew captures the reflective visual of water.

Explore adds texture in a large-scale stone aesthetic.

Create is reminiscent of horizontal brush strokes with vivid color – like public art.

Reflect is an abstract vista of sky seen through trees.

Zone adds a playful surprise of turf texture.  

Whether it’s gathering in a greeting area, convening at the end of a corridor, or needing a place to reenergize, we all need a new scene, setting or vibe. Softscape and hardscape: the collection features carpet tile, hard surface & broadloom. The Park will improve the quality of space by instilling a quality of life. Most importantly, it will reinforce our belief that balance can be achieved.

Combined with EcoWorx backing and Eco Solution Q nylon, the Park has superior durability, style and recyclability. The Shaw Contract Group lifetime commercial warranty covers abrasive wear, tuft-bind, edge ravel and delamination. The Park goes beyond Declare & HPDs. Cradle to Cradle Silver & assessed for human health. Made with recyclable EcoSolution Q nylon & EcoWorx Tile, contributes to LEED & offers an environmental guarantee.

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