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Noble Materials Grabs the Gold at BDNY


Shaw Hospitality Group designers Maria Scott and Omoleye Adeyemi pose in front of the award winning collection they created.

Noble Materials, Shaw Hospitality Group’s newest running line custom carpet collection, was a showstopper at BDNY 2015 claiming first place in the flooring category of the product competition.

BDNY (Boutique Design New York) is the preeminent trade show for the hospitality & leisure design industry organized each year by Boutique Design Magazine. With an emphasis on aesthetics and function, BDNY creates a two day forum for design teams and manufacturers to connect and ultimately define what’s next in the hospitality design space. Over 600 carefully curated booths cover roughly 80,000 net sq. feet and feature a panoply of products to peruse including furnishings, lighting, fabrics, wall coverings, bath and spa, and flooring. It’s generally held concurrently with HX: The Hotel Experience (formerly IHMRS) at the Jacob K. Javits Center in Manhattan.


Shaw Hospitality Group designers studied the charts and diagrams ancient alchemists meticulously plotted in the search to transform base metals into noble metals, such as gold, silver and copper to inspire the overall look and feel of the collection. Layered in luxury, modern marquetry is interpreted via pattern and data-inspired inlays for an exquisite flooring statement. Displayed in tones of deep grays and navy with a gold metallic accent, the tufted carpet collection gives designers endless options in more than 280 colors. With multiple field, broadloom, rug and corridor patterns, plus a collection of 24 inch x 24 inch carpet tiles, the collection color palette and pattern scale can be changed to create custom looks for any space. Noble Materials is a design catalyst that translates to various manufacturing technologies. Per the Shaw Contract Group standard, the broadloom and tile products in this collection are Cradle to Cradle — Bronze Certified and are fully assessed for human and material health. Made with Shaw’s patented EcoSolution Q nylon & EcoWorx Tile, these products are recyclable, contribute to LEED & are backed by a full environmental guarantee. You can actually see one of the custom designs come to life, via pigment swirled in water, by viewing the Noble Materials Collection video.

Next up on Shaw Hospitality Group’s road tour is the two-day Sleep Event starting Nov. 24th in London at the Business Design Centre. Considered to be Europe’s foremost hospitality design event, we are all confident that Noble Materials and Cell Theory will keep the momentum going and bring home some hardware from across the pond. Make sure to visit the Shaw Hospitality Group site for our updated event calendar and all things Noble Materials.

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Cell Theory is Design Multiplied for a Global Audience


Shaw Hospitality Goes Global with Cell Theory

Shaw Hospitality Group launched their first ever global broadloom carpet collection with a burst of energy (courtesy of the tasty Shaw-spresso above!) and fresh perspective at Equipotel 2015 in Sao Paulo this week! Equipotel has been the mecca for the hospitality, food and services industry in Latin America for over 53 years. It is among the world’s five biggest events in the industry and a must for any brand looking to distinguish itself on an international stage.


The Inspiration Behind Cell Theory

A theory in biology that includes one or both of the statements that the cell is the fundamental structural and functional unit of living matter and that the organism is composed of autonomous cells with its properties being the sum of those of its cells. – Webster’s Dictionary

Formal definitions aside, elegant design is structured at an elemental level and multiplied out. Cells are the building blocks of life and are the foundation of Cell Theory.

Cell Theory is the product of another creative collaboration between David Rockwell, founder of the legendary architecture firm Rockwell Group. Evolving along the same organic lines of flight that inspired Natural Curiosities, Cell Theory provides an ethereal view of the microscopic that expands out at a macro level.

We started to think about a collection that would capture some of the elegance you see in plant life. We wanted to create a beautiful, organic yet abstract palette that other designers could breathe life into. – David Rockwell


Growing Global

Cell Theory will continue its coming out party by visiting the Best Western, IHG and Motel 6 conferences at the end of September and turn heads across the pond at Europe’s foremost hospitality design event, Sleep. Elegant design transcends all artificial boundaries and Cell Theory is an extrapolation of fundamental beauty that inspires. Expect more innovative design in the hospitality space as Shaw Hospitality Group continues to accelerate forward as a global brand built around innovative hospitality flooring design that accentuates any space.

Cell Theory Inspiration Video 

Cell Theory Collection Page

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Shaw Hospitality Group transforms space and spirit with The Park, a collection of carpet tile and broadloom patterns. A renewal of space and spirit, these patterns are a celebration of the fundamental human experience enjoyed through public parks. Shaw Hospitality Group designers were inspired by the parallels of how we move, gather and enjoy different zones of a park and how those zones correlate to hospitality interiors and transition from communal, energetic experiences to a quiet, singular moment.

The Park by Shaw Hospitality Group

The Park by Shaw Hospitality Group

“The collection was designed to be transformative – in thinking, in people and
in space,” said Maria Scott, Shaw Hospitality Group Director of Design. “Our
goal is to reinforce and demonstrate that through great design, balance can
be achieved in the spaces we gather, play and escape. In hotel lobbies, as in
a park, we see guests enjoying being alone, together. Amidst the hustle and
bustle, individuals taking a moment to gather their thoughts or gather together;
a moment to appreciate the importance of human connectivity or time to pause
and reflect.”

The Park broadloom and carpet tile in 18 x 36 in. and 9 x 36 in. formats offer
options tailored for public spaces as well as guest rooms. Shown in neutral
shades with a pop of energetic chartreuse, the palette reflects renewal and
vitality. The broadloom and carpet tile products, which are constructed of Eco
Solution Q® nylon, offer a lifetime commercial warranty covering abrasive wear,
tuft bind, edge ravel and delamination. Additionally, they are recyclable and
manufactured with recycled content, while offering a sustainable flooring solution
that contributes to LEED certification.

This carpet can be reclaimed at the end of its useful life and processed through
our portfolio of internal recycling technologies.

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Shaw Hospitality Group Touched by Stories of Women in India

During a two-week design exploration of India, Shaw Hospitality Group designers sought ancient crafts made as they were centuries ago. The result of the travels was  the award-winning collection, Design Journey: Cloth & Stone.

Along the way they become one with the places they journeyed, immersing themselves in scenes that were ancient and modern, familiar and completely foreign. Shaw Hospitality Group design manager Maria Scott was especially touched by the daily lives of women in a remote village in Nimaj, Rajasthan.

“Seeing the women in their bright clothes and heavy gold jewelry carrying water vessels on their heads seemed an expected, almost stereotypical, image.  Each morning they trek to the center of the village to gather the water they will need for the day, “ Maria said. “However, I never appreciated what physical and challenging lives these women lead until I watched as they helped each other hoist these heavy jugs onto their heads and begin the long walk home.  If their chores demanded more water, then another trip to the village center was required.”

When social entrepreneur Cynthia Koenig learned of the pursuit Indian women face daily to get potable water for their families, she was inspired to create WaterWheel, an invention that allows people to roll water in a 50-liter container across the ground versus carrying it in a 5 gallon jug on their head, as Maria witnessed in India.


After receiving a $100,000 Grand Challenges Canada prize, Koenig founded Wello, which is piloting the WaterWheel in rural India.

According to the Wello website, people living in developing countries worldwide often walk five miles daily to gather water for their families. Carrying these heavy water vessels causes severe pain, spinal compression and complications in child birth. Additionally, the WaterWheel has the ability to remove barriers that prevent children from attending school and empowers women to engage in more productive activities that boost their family income, pursue education and general wellbeing.

For more information on donating to the Wello mission of helping people have easier access to water, visit the site or watch Koenig’s TEDx talk

To see more photos from the design team’s travels to India, visit Shaw Hospitality Group on Pinterest.

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How the Media Revolution is Affecting the Design Industry

“We don’t need the Greeks to tell us about architecture, we can tell each other about architecture,” says Marc Kushner, co-founder of Architizer.  “Buildings don’t just reflect our society, they shape our society.”

Kushner is referencing the innovations in technology that the 21st century has to offer. Everything we do these days is accessible, digital. This changes the way the architecture and design industry operates. Where once, you only had access to buildings to which you could walk, people can now see designs thousands of miles away with a click of a mouse or a scroll of an Instagram feed.  “We are living on the verge of the greatest revolution in architecture since the invention of steel,” Kushner says. “It’s a media revolution.”

This evolution into a revolution is said to have begun in 1997, when architect Frank Gehry designed a little building called the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain. Since then, public attraction to shocking designs has been growing.


“Tourism in Bilbao increased by 25,000 percent after this building was completed … [This was] a rare moment when critics, academics and general public were completely united,” says Kushner.

In the age of the smartphone, Kushner says, “The building becomes disembodied from the site … The speed of communication has finally caught up to the speed of architecture.”

That idea came to life for Kushner when his firm started to plan a new design to replace a building that had burned down on Fire Island in New York. “We proposed a building that was audacious, that was different,” he says, “something the community had never seen before.” As plans moved forward, his client and his co-designers were apprehensive, all worried the building would be rejected by the community. “So we created a series of photorealistic renderings,” Kushner says, “and we put them on Facebook, and we put them onto Instagram … so when it was built, and the rendering looked exactly like the finished product, it was already a part of the community.”

Fire Island Pavillion

The firm’s rendering (top) and the finished product (below) of the Fire Island Pavillion

Instagram photos and Facebook comments gave the public ownership of the building. In the age of renderings and future visualizations, clients – and communities, in Kushner’s case – are able to see designs weeks, months and maybe even years before they come to life. In the present day mentality of “I-need-this-right-now,” this technology is very important to the design industry.

Kushner’s TED Talk took place in the Vancouver Convention Center. Designer David Rockwell relied on Shaw Hospitality Group for the carpet for the design.  On the floor is “Crease” from the Layered Luxe Collection, which was designed in collaboration with Rockwell himself.

Images: Wikipedia, ArchDaly

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