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Shanghai from 600 Meters High

crane-operator-aerial-shanghai-photos-wei-gensheng-2Professional photographer? Not really, but professional crane operator, Wei Gensheng’s, breathtaking photographs of Shanghai taken from his job site 600 metres above the ground have managed to win him the second place prize in the Shanghai City Photography Competition.

Gensheng was working on what is going to be the second highest building in the world, the Shanghai Tower.  Slated to be completed this year, the tower will be 632 metres high (121 stories), and is only topped by Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, which is 829.8 metres high.

Take a look at these remarkable images!!


crane-operator-aerial-shanghai-photos-wei-gensheng-14 (1) crane-operator-aerial-shanghai-photos-wei-gensheng-7 crane-operator-aerial-shanghai-photos-wei-gensheng-5 crane-operator-aerial-shanghai-photos-wei-gensheng-8

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