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Artist Promotes Recycling with Reindeer Made from 2,000 Plastic Bags

During the holiday season, countless shoppers stock up on gifts for their friends and family, all while toting them away in single-use plastic bags. In an effort to promote a more eco-friendly holiday, Australian designer Angela van Boxtel hatched the idea of creating the adorably crocheted reindeer to symbolize reuse and recycling. With a Christmas wish for no more plastic bags, Blitzen the recycled reindeer was born!


Designer Angela van Boxtel with Blitzen

Over the course of the season, Van Boxtel gathered disused white and grey plastic bags to make up the body of the reindeer. After building a frame of metal and wire, the artist fused grey plastic bags together to make the body. The white plastic bags were then used much like yarn and crocheted into starburst and flower-like patterns, making an intricate lacy covering for Blitzen’s coat.


Van Boxtel’s creation is made from fused plastic shopping bags, and it lights up at night with colorful LEDs.

Blitzen now stands in a shopping center, urging passersby to bring their own reusable bags when buying Christmas goodies. Van Boxtel hopes that Blitzen will help her realize her Christmas wish of shoppers just saying no to plastic bags.

Images: InHabitat

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Nike Concept Store Made 100% from Trash

Besides the products on sale, everything inside Nike’s newest concept store in Shanghai is made from trash. Taiwanese architectural firm Miniwiz Sustainable Development Ltd. used 5,500 soda cans, 2,000 PET water bottles and 50,000 old CDs and DVDs to design the interior and fixtures. Construction and assembly were completed in July this year.


The amazing origami ceiling is made from recycled DVDs, while cables and the building’s joints were made out of 5,278 recycled cans. Around 2,000 yards of tension cables were made using 2,000 recycled water bottles gathered all across China. According to the designers, no glue was used to build the interior and all materials are 100% recyclable.


The architectural studio in charge of the design, Miniwiz, is already famous in Taiwan for their large scale eco-friendly projects and recycling initiatives. The team’s EcoArk pavilion, dubbed “the world’s greenest pavilion” was built with 1.5 million recycled plastic bottles. The building is said to weigh 50% less than a conventional building and can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes.

Images: Inhabitat

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Sweden’s Dilemma: Not Enough Garbage

A world without garbage would be unimaginable for most places in the world, but not for Sweden. Due to their highly efficient waste-to-energy program, Sweden has run out of trash.


A trash pile is converted into heat and electricity at a waste-to-energy incinerator in Oslo.

Sweden’s waste management and recycling programs are the best in the world as only four percent of the nation’s waste ends up in landfills. By contrast, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, over half of the waste produced by U.S. households ends up in landfills.

In order to continue fueling the waste-to-energy factories that provide electricity to a quarter of a million homes and 20 percent of the entire country’s district heating, Sweden is now importing trash from the landfills of other European countries. In fact, those countries are paying Sweden to do so. Sweden’s sustainability is not only cleaning up its country but it’s on its way to cleaning up Europe!

Image: New York Times

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PVC-Free EcoWorx: What Goes Around Comes Around

Shaw leads the industry in carpet reclamation, collecting more than 90 million pounds annually including reclamation of our EcoWorx products. With proven performance across the globe, and recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency for its environmental leadership, EcoWorx is tried, tested, and truly remarkable.

In August 2010, we installed our one billionth square foot of EcoWorx, just 11 years after its release. When EcoWorx has reached the end of its useful life, we want it back. Just call Shaw, we’ll pick it up and recycle it into more EcoWorx, preparing it for the next billion square feet. EcoWorx is unique because, through our Environmental Guarantee, those products are reclaimed from across the globe and recycled at our facilities in Cartersville, Georgia. Recycling EcoWorx is hassle-free, making it easy for our customers to recycle their used carpet, saving valuable time and money on landfill fees. Our Environmental Guarantee proves its worth with EcoWorx because the product holds value as raw material for next generation of products.

With EcoWorx products being completely recyclable and PVC-free, this provides a model resource to buildings, including schools and hospitals, while contributing toward LEED certification. The University of California system chose Shaw Contract Group for its frequent purchasing and recycling needs across 10 campuses. Since then, over 90,000 square yards of carpet has been collected from UC campuses and recycled into new carpet.

In 2004, Shaw ceased production on PVC products altogether. Compared to traditional PVC, EcoWorx has superior performance with 8x greater tear strength, 5x greater tensile strength, and 2x greater delamination strength, all while ensuring safety for human health and the environment.

Learn more about EcoWorx in our interactive brochure.

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