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PVC-Free EcoWorx: What Goes Around Comes Around

Shaw leads the industry in carpet reclamation, collecting more than 90 million pounds annually including reclamation of our EcoWorx products. With proven performance across the globe, and recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency for its environmental leadership, EcoWorx is tried, tested, and truly remarkable.

In August 2010, we installed our one billionth square foot of EcoWorx, just 11 years after its release. When EcoWorx has reached the end of its useful life, we want it back. Just call Shaw, we’ll pick it up and recycle it into more EcoWorx, preparing it for the next billion square feet. EcoWorx is unique because, through our Environmental Guarantee, those products are reclaimed from across the globe and recycled at our facilities in Cartersville, Georgia. Recycling EcoWorx is hassle-free, making it easy for our customers to recycle their used carpet, saving valuable time and money on landfill fees. Our Environmental Guarantee proves its worth with EcoWorx because the product holds value as raw material for next generation of products.

With EcoWorx products being completely recyclable and PVC-free, this provides a model resource to buildings, including schools and hospitals, while contributing toward LEED certification. The University of California system chose Shaw Contract Group for its frequent purchasing and recycling needs across 10 campuses. Since then, over 90,000 square yards of carpet has been collected from UC campuses and recycled into new carpet.

In 2004, Shaw ceased production on PVC products altogether. Compared to traditional PVC, EcoWorx has superior performance with 8x greater tear strength, 5x greater tensile strength, and 2x greater delamination strength, all while ensuring safety for human health and the environment.

Learn more about EcoWorx in our interactive brochure.

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GreenBuilder Magazine Names Shaw a Game Changer in Sustainability

Many companies across the world are beginning to change some of their policies to better serve the environment. GreenBuilder Magazine’s July issue spanned across a range of industries to find those that have changed their practices to allow them to operate more sustainably. Companies including Herman Miller, UPS and Chipotle have taken steps to reduce their resource use, pollution or carbon footprint. Of the ten game-changing initiatives mentioned, Shaw Industries was highlighted for its recycling and reclamation program.

In 2010, Shaw reclaimed and recycled just over 111 million pounds of post-consumer carpet – and we expect that number to continue to rise. Contributing to this number is reclamation of EcoWorx-backed carpet. Sticking to our “we want it back” motto, Shaw will transport and recycle any of our EcoWorx tile or broadloom carpet at no cost to the customer. The post-consumer carpet is used to make new EcoWorx-backed product that is Cradle to Cradle certified.

Learn more about Shaw Industries’ sustainability efforts in our 2011 Sustainability Report.

Used carpet awaits recycling at the Evergreen facility in Augusta, GA

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