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Design Schooled: Teachers Pin Dream Classroom

Earlier this year, Shaw Contract Group held a content on Pinterest asking teachers to pin their dream classroom.  Winners received a giftcard for supplies for their classroom. The contest gave us a glimpse into what teachers see as good classroom design. The results of which, Shaw Contract Group will apply to our product development and share with those who are designing future classrooms.

So what makes a dream classroom? A tablet for every student? Walls made of Legos? Imaginative reading nooks? Below are some ideas that made it into our winning teachers’ Pinterest boards.

Design Schooled_boards images

(Clockwise from left) The SMART Table is a social, inclusive and captivating collaboration tool that makes it easy to get young students excited about learning. It’s a great way to enhance the social and academic skills of active learners and help all students achieve success; Functional and pretty organization is on the top of the list for any teacher; Unique seating adds a fun element to a classroom: Stone-looking cushions from Stephanie Marin put a smile on your face, Herman Miller Tato, Tatino & Tatone spherical seats; Safeco Runtz Ball Chair; What child wouldn’t want a wall made of Legos (like this cafe in Brooklyn, NY)?

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Visit Shaw Contract Group at Greenbuild

Greenbuild International Conference and Expo kicks off tomorrow in San Francisco, CA. As the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building, Greenbuild features three days of inspiring speakers, invaluable networking opportunities, industry showcases, LEED workshops and tours of San Francisco’s green buildings.

Visit Shaw Contract at our booth – 1601S – to learn more about our sustainable innovations and environmental leadership. Additionally, every visitor to our booth will have an opportunity to select an organization to which Shaw Contract Group will donate $1 on their behalf. The organizations benefiting are DIFFA, Public Architecture’s 1% program or MASS Design.

The theme of our booth is: Design is Good Energy. Every moment of every day we have a choice. We chose to be positive. To be mindful of people and the planet. To be design leaders and groundbreakers. And you know what that creates? Good energy. So let’s share share this message with the world. Create your own good energy board on Pinterest. If we repin your post, we’ll send you a token of good energy. Be sure to use #designisgoodenergy on ALL of your pins, so we know how to find you! Visit our Design is Good Energy board.

Visit our website to learn more about how our designs create good energy and stop by our booth, 1601S, on Wednesday and Thursday.

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The Power of Pinterest

We already know how Pinterest has affected the design world, but how has the site also taken over the cyber world? Fast Company breaks down the rapid rise of Pinterest and how it’s changed the way people shop, communicate and use the Internet.

Shaw Contract Group has embraced Pinterest as a way to share our collection inspiration with our customers and designers, promote our Design is…Award winners and show our color forecast (take part in our contest!). Check out Shaw Contract Group on Pinterest!

Images: Fast Company

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Experience COLOREVOLUTION and Earn CEU Credit

Experience a seismic shift as the Shaw Contract Group design team guides designers and architects through a cultural evolution in full spectrum. Be inspired; watch COLOREVOLUTION online and earn free IDCEC and AIA continuing education (CEU) credit. In this color and trend forecast, the Shaw Contract Group design team unveils current environmental, social and economic shifts; explains how these factors drive color; and shares tips on incorporating these trends in commercial interiors today.

“COLOREVOLUTION is the combination of months of research into social, economic and environmental shifts in design,” said Reesie Duncan, Shaw Contract Group Creative Director. “We live in a world emblazoned by change; COLOREVOLUTION captures this change in a unique way by showing inspiring imaginary paired with intriguing color combinations.”

COLOREVOLUTION explores the story of progression into a new future through color expressed by six personas, each conflicted with two contradictory qualities to create a new world of possibilities. Innovation and progress is found in the middle. The personas are:

  • The Radical: finds beauty in the decay, destruction and the flawed. A rally call for positive change.
  • The Visionary: light-infused, ethereal, pure of intentions and design. A clear perspective brings attraction to materials and objects, evoking honesty and purity.
  • The Nomad: grounded and reconnected with nature. Develop a more serious interest in the overall health and well being of us, our planet and future generations.
  • The Futurist: subtle tones become a spectrum of statement hues. Surfaces shine with iridescent effects and mercury-like treatments.
  • The Resident: essential and straight-forward design become valued above all. Utilitarian shades add a pop of color or make a monochromatic statement.
  • The Globeseeker: drawn from a variety of cultures. Bright, neon-inspired colors oscillate in a pop explosion of artistic expression.

Watching the video online and completing the follow-up quiz qualifies for the following distance learning credits: 1 AIA Learning Unit and/or .1 IDCEC CEU credit for IIDA, ASID and IDC. To receive credit, watch the video, enter your contact information in a provided online form and take a brief quiz on the video. After passing the quiz, your information is sent to the appropriate accrediting agency.

Also, you can emblazon your Pinterest with our COLOREVOLUTION Pinterest contest. Create a board based on your favorite persona and each month our Design Team will select a winner.

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Create Your Own COLOREVOLUTION Inspiration on Pinterest

Taking inspiration from Shaw Contract Group’s color forecast, now you can start your own COLOREVOLUTION on Pinterest and win a colorful prize! On our Pinterest page, you will find the inspiration for our six COLOREVOLUTION personas. Pick one of the six personas to be the theme of your board. Hunt and gather images online to suit your chosen persona and pin them to your board. Title your board accordingly and format as follows: COLOREVOLUTION: The Nomad or COLOREVOLUTION: The Resident. Share your board with the masses and Pin It to win it.

Each month, the Shaw Contract Group Design team will choose one stand out pin up artist to win a vibrant prize package. Winners will be posted on our Facebook page. Contest ends 12/21/2012.


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