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2013 Market Winner: IMG College by Perkins+Will

As the winners of the 2013 Design is … Award Market Award, Shaw Contract Group winning firms interviewed as part of a section of Shaw Contract Group blog which will last a year. Throughout the year, readers can learn more about the 48 winning projects and the individuals who perform them. These are their stories.

Meena Krenek, Senior Interior Designer at Perkins+Will, discusses immersing herself in college sports, creating “an experience” and capturing the sports industry in the space.

What about this project represents why you choose to be a designer?
I became a designer because I love to solve problems in extremely creative ways, and believe in creating “an experience” through interior architecture. Our client, IMG College, wanted their new Atlanta office to be an extension of their brand and have the energy of college sports. My talented team and I created an experience for the employees and visitors of IMG College that reminds them what it feels like to be a college sports fan, and that celebrates the icons of college sports. An experience!

003 Halftime_Shaw on the edge

The space definitely captures the essence of the sports industry. Tell us more about the design process and decisions on what elements to include.
The design concept is “all about the fans,” and exploring the textures of the sports industry. The experience and journey in the space captures the energy of college sports. We produced a brand map that created different journeys throughout the space, and allowed for different encounters with the IMG College brand.

The yard markers and hash lines are represented on the carpet, and ceiling/lighting to create way finding for the office. The scoreboard is used in the elevator lobby to designate the floor and welcome visitors. A powerful gestural audio-visual display in the reception area provokes the sounds of college fans. Custom branded workstations on the “iron grid” (open office area) allows employees to personalise their workstation with their individual college sports team. Custom bleachers were designed to host town hall meetings for the organisation at large. Rubber floors were used in areas to celebrate football and basketball patterns and textures. The interior design creates a profound connection to the brand with the use of iconic materials, textures and graphics of the college sports world.

Tell us something that was unusual about the project.
Not necessarily unusual – but a fun challenge. The clients wanted their workstations to be unique to the way they work and specific to their business.

001 Grid Iron_Shaw_on the edge

Do you have any stories you want to share about the project?
Even though I graduated from a big football college, University of Tennessee, I was not a huge college sports fan. As I immersed myself into the IMG College project and researched the impact of being a college fan, I recognised the loyalty for ones universities and the pride that dedicated fans felt. It truly inspired me! Every Saturday in the Fall of 2011 I watched college football religiously. It was a great relationship builder for my husband and I!

Through this experience, I gained the vocabulary to support the college fan environment.
We began calling the different spaces in the office specific names related to the concept. We called the break room “Half Time”, the entryway “Pep Rally”, and the open office “Iron Grid”. The IMG College space truly supports their business!

005 Tunnel

What has the reaction to the space been?
As best said by Cory Moss, Senior Vice President & Managing Director of The Collegiate Licensing Company, an affiliate of IMG College:
“When you walk off the elevator, you immediately know what type of business we are in, and what calibre we are. We feel like we are a better company and I think it shows in the environment that has been created for our employees, and also for our clients when they come to visit us. They are absolutely amazed. It has dramatically improved our communication and our capabilities.”

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Good Design is Socially Relevant: Fast Company Magazine names Perkins+Will as one of The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Architecture

For more than 75 years, Perkins+Will has been delivering high design, value, and experiences to clients.  Committed to the 1% Program of Public Architecture and social responsibility, the company is founded upon transforming lives in our commerce, our culture and our communities.  This level of design leadership helps Perkins+Will clients become leaders in their respective markets—truly paying it forward.

Aspiring to find greater meaning and never being satisfied with the status quo, five fundamental values govern all of the company’s practices:

  • Design
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration &
  • Social Purpose

A purpose-driven firm, there’s a commitment here to exemplary workplace practices and the support of a diverse culture of sustainable design.  Through applied research, internal education, public advocacy and outreach—clients have access to a wide range of sustainable advisory services.

Perkins+Will is a 2010 Design Award Recipient, for a large scale project on behalf of their client—a Fortune 500 technology company.

Inspired Much? This is a perfect example of a project which fuels the Design Is…Awards Program.   At Shaw Contract Group, we believe design is changing the world.  We see the architecture and design community as active developers and creative solvers, constantly designing, the way we work, play and organize our lives.  What’s your story?

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Designers Pick Their Favorite New York City Design Hot Spots

There are so many wonderful design and architectural elements found in The Big Apple. Interior Design rounded up many of the design industry’s finest and asked them what locations in New York City inspire them the most. Here are a few of their favorites:

The New York Public Library


“During my first trip to the city, I was literally deposited in the library by a friend who couldn’t take time away from work. My first impression was amazement at the beauty and grand scale of the interiors, the ornamentation, and rich materials. Wandering into the reading room, the sheer size, lighting, chandeliers, green lamps, and contemplative quiet made me realize, ‘Oh my God! I am really in New York.'”

-EJ Lee, principal, Gensler



Northwest Corner Building, Columbia University


“Wonderful in its context, the building both fits in and stands out perfectly. It took an almost impossible site condition-built over a number of long span underground spaces, it is actually a huge bridge-and turned it into wonderful architecture.”

-Joan Blumenfeld, interior design director, Perkins + Will, New York




Lenox Lounge


“This unique Art Deco space truly transported me to that singular time in history when design and music influenced each other. The measured combination of inventive design, bold detailing, and diverse mixture of materials excites the senses, making the eye wander from the glass planes of the lighting fixtures to the etched designs on the glass doors, the zebra wall treatment, the patterned tiled floor, the shape of the seating booths, the reflection of colors on the mirrors, and on.”

-Belen Moneo, principal, Moneo Brock Studio

Photos: Interior Design 

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Designing Spaces to Encourage Healthy Eating

We have already discussed how design plays into the restaurants we choose to eat at, but what about food facilities or cafeterias at the places we work, learn, or heal? Unhealthy eating has become an epidemic in America with 34 percent of adults over the age of 20 diagnosed as obese and diabetes affecting nearly 26 million. How can these facilities be re-imagined to better serve and engage its users?

As design leaders from Perkins+Will point out in their Designing for Health web series, design can play a critical role in helping people make better food choices. A 2005 survey by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine found that fewer than one-third of hospitals offered a salad bar or low-fat entrée option; even worse, 62 percent of the “healthiest entrées” derived more than 30 percent of calories from fat. Healthcare facilities must emphasize the connection between nutrition and wellness and, moreover, make the food appealing using attractive and eye-catching displays.

Research has shown that if the first thing people see in a cafeteria is a salad bar, then they are more likely to stop there. Also, East Coast retailer Wegman’s, has promoted health by putting produce front and center and using direct lighting and colorful descriptions to highlight healthy foods along with Wellness Keys, a branded labeling system that points out specific nutritional attributes.

Do you think spaces can be successfully designed to help us eat healthier?

Fresh Del Monte Produce introduced a vending machine that dispenses carrots, bananas, and other produce. Sporting engaging graphics and the punchy tagline “Taste. Feel. Live. Better!”, h.u.m.a.n. Healthy Vending machines feature healthful snacks and drinks. The company also has a broader goal—donating 10 percent of proceeds to charitable causes that fight obesity and malnutrition. Distinctive branding on the machines and on the company’s Web site makes the corporate goal clear: “help unite man and nutrition by making health foods, drinks, and information universally acceptable.

 Photo: Contract

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Kaiser Permanente Chooses Winner of Small Hospital, Big Idea Competition

Kaiser Permanente health care provider, a national leader in green building and sustainable hospital design, has named both Aditazz and Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch with Perkins+Will as winners in its international Small Hospital, Big Idea competition.

The Small Hospital, Big Idea design competition launched in February 2011, seeking ideas for a small hospital that provides a patient-centered healing environment with a near-zero energy impact on the environment while using the latest technology to improve quality and reduce costs.

Aditazz and M+NLB/Perkins+Will were selected by a design jury after an 11-month evaluation process that concluded last week. Designs were judged on such factors as efficiency, sustainability features, innovation, incorporation of methods to improve health outcomes, and environment of care – including how successfully the design integrates the hospital into the local community.

Both Aditazz’s and M+NLB with Perkins+Will’s designs included compelling ideas for such features as intimate patient-healing gardens and vibrant public spaces, as well as onsite renewable energy systems. The jury decided during final deliberations that these two teams together offered an exciting, innovative approach to improving the quality and personalization of care, and the development of healthy communities.

As winners, Aditazz and M+NLB with Perkins+Will are eligible to contract with Kaiser Permanente for a small hospital project. The new small hospital is tentatively planned for Southern California, and the model will be adapted for use in other markets as well.

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