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Designers are Giving Back with Public Architecture’s The 1%

Public Architecture is asking for a moment of your time. By moment, I’m talking 1%.

The 1% is a nonprofit organization launched by Public Architecture in 2005. It is unique program that encourages pro bono service within the architecture and design professions. To pledge your time, The 1% asks that firms dedicate a minimum of 1% of their working hours to pro bono service – that’s just 20 hours per employee per year (1% of an 8-hour workday is 4.8 minutes. Over the course of a traditional 2,080-hour work year, that amounts to just 20 hours per year).

If every architecture professional in the U.S. committed 1% of their time to pro bono service, it would add up to 5,00,000 hours annually – the equivalent of a 2,500-person firm, working full time for the public good. Today, over 1,000 firms from across the U.S. have pledged more than 300,000 annual hours of their time. With over 500 nonprofit organizations requesting assistance, the more time we can give, the more design we can share across the country.

Shaw Contract Group shows its support by donating 1% of the sales of our Homage collection to The 1%.

Be part of the 1%!

Homage collection

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