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Fabergé Hides Artist-Designed Eggs around New York City

New Yorkers are used to having new things appear seemingly out of nowhere: skyscrapers, bike lanes, the Cronut. On April 1, more than 200 three-foot-tall eggs will be added to the mix – each designed by an artist, designer, or architect and mounted in a public space somewhere in the five boroughs.

Faberge Egg Hunt 1

Design by (from left): Ralph Lauren, Zaha Hadid and Waris Ahluwalia

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, a charitable event that runs for three-and-a-half weeks and features an auction of the eggs at Sotheby’s on April 22, benefits Studio in a School, which brings arts programs to New York City public schools, and Elephant Family, a conservation organization working to save the endangered Asian elephant. Members of the public can download a free smartphone app that helps locate the eggs and makes users eligible to win one of three bejeweled miniature eggs donated by Fabergé. All of the eggs will be on display in Rockefeller Center from April 18 through 26.

The eggs range in design from simple painting to elaborate sculpture. Click here for a preview!

Images: Architectural Digest

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Tall and Slender is the New Trend in Skyscrapers

While skyscrapers may be adding “vanity height” to be named tallest, there is a new trend on the horizon: being named skinniest.

slender building 1

105-111 West 57th Street, currently in development by JDS Development Group, would be the skinniest skyscraper in the world.

In a recent article on Yahoo! News, architects and developers discuss how slender buildings are becoming the new way to go in skyscrapers, especially in New York City. “Land is very scarce, especially in the most desirable parts in the city,” says Manhattan real estate developer Michael Stern. “That’s why you’re seeing this trend of taller buildings being built on smaller parcels of land.” Stern’s real estate firm is working on a project located in midtown Manhattan that, if all goes according to plan, will be the future home of the skinniest skyscraper in the world. The building will sit on a lot just 60 feet wide, but will soar to an incredible height – taller than the rooftop of the Empire State Building.

Do you think skinny skyscrapers will become the new norm in the world’s largest cities?

slender building 2

Images: JDS Development Group, Yahoo!

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Frank Gehry to Design Another Facebook Office – this time in NYC

Shortly after enlisting Frank Gehry to design Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters in California, they recently announced plans to once again commission the Los Angeles-based “starchitect” to design a new office for their New York City team. By early 2014, Gehry is expected to refurbish an existing 100,000 square-foot, two-story office space – nearly twice the size of their current home at 335 Madison Ave – on 770 Broadway.

The new space will allow for plenty of room for growth and “big, open spaces” for people to work and collaborate, as well as “cozy spaces” for brainstorming and a full service kitchen to keep workers satisfied throughout the day.

Serkan Piantino, site director of Facebook’s New York engineering teams, stated: “We were delighted when he agreed to help us build out our new space in New York. It will share many of the features of our headquarters, but will be distinctly Big Apple in design and speak to the unique experience of working in a place like Manhattan.”

Frank Gehry and Mark Zuckerberg looking over the Menlo Park Office design

Images: ArchDaily, Architizer

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Designers Pick Their Favorite New York City Design Hot Spots

There are so many wonderful design and architectural elements found in The Big Apple. Interior Design rounded up many of the design industry’s finest and asked them what locations in New York City inspire them the most. Here are a few of their favorites:

The New York Public Library


“During my first trip to the city, I was literally deposited in the library by a friend who couldn’t take time away from work. My first impression was amazement at the beauty and grand scale of the interiors, the ornamentation, and rich materials. Wandering into the reading room, the sheer size, lighting, chandeliers, green lamps, and contemplative quiet made me realize, ‘Oh my God! I am really in New York.'”

-EJ Lee, principal, Gensler



Northwest Corner Building, Columbia University


“Wonderful in its context, the building both fits in and stands out perfectly. It took an almost impossible site condition-built over a number of long span underground spaces, it is actually a huge bridge-and turned it into wonderful architecture.”

-Joan Blumenfeld, interior design director, Perkins + Will, New York




Lenox Lounge


“This unique Art Deco space truly transported me to that singular time in history when design and music influenced each other. The measured combination of inventive design, bold detailing, and diverse mixture of materials excites the senses, making the eye wander from the glass planes of the lighting fixtures to the etched designs on the glass doors, the zebra wall treatment, the patterned tiled floor, the shape of the seating booths, the reflection of colors on the mirrors, and on.”

-Belen Moneo, principal, Moneo Brock Studio

Photos: Interior Design 

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The Top Sustainable Skyscrapers in New York City

Inhabitat.com has shared the top six green skyscrapers in New York City. With sustainability becoming the standard for many building, it’s not hard to see why some of the tallest buildings have joined this movement.

The Bank of America Building (One Bryant Park), left, and the New York Times building both feature Shaw Contract Group flooring

The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park is the most sustainable building in New York City. As the first tower in the world to receive a LEED Platinum-certification, the building boasts a long list of sustainable feature including a system for rainwater catchment and reuse as well as an on-site 4.6 megawatt co-generation plant that provides clean energy for the building and reduces dependency on the NYC grid.

While it may not be LEED certified, the New York Times building still features many sustainable and energy-efficient technologies including a curtain wall glazed with low-e glass (to help maximize natural light, but minimize harsh [and hot] sunlight). In addition, more than 95 percent of the structural steel is recycled.

Other sustainable NYC skyscrapers include the LEED certified Empire State Building and Hearst Tower as well as the Condé Nast building and the not yet complete One World Trade Center.

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