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Making Music on Any Surface

Ever wonder what kind of music you could create by tapping on a tree? Mogees is a project that uses microphones and turns any surface into a musical instrument, associating different movements with different sounds. This means those finger taps on your desk can be transformed into your own little concert.

Users can plug in a contact micro phone to any surface – from a balloon to a bus stop – and record any type of touch that causes a sound. The Mogees software will recognize what type of sound is associated with which touch, as well as changing key when the same touch is placed on different areas of the surface.

“Mogees currently uses two audio synthesis techniques — the first is physical modelling, which consists of generating the sound by simulating the propagation of the sound wave through different physical materials such as strings, membranes, or tubes using a piece of software called Modalys. The second technique is mosaicing, where the user loads a sound folder and then the audio coming form the contact microphone is analysed and the software looks for the closest segment within the sound folder. So if a sound folder of voices is loaded, touching the surface gently would provoke a whispering while scratching it will cause a sound similar to screaming voices,” says Wired.co.uk

Like we researched in our collection, The Music Project, what would the sounds coming off those surfaces look like? Could making music off any object create a new design inspiration?


Mogees – Gesture recognition with contact-microphones from bruno zamborlin on Vimeo.


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