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Low Expectations: Barriers to Using Design as a Tool for Social Gain

This is the second installment of an on-going series about Design Access. Design Access was a summit held by Public Architecture this past March that brought together government, design, nonprofit, and funding professionals to better leverage the design of the built environment as a tool for social gain. Please stay tuned for more video presentations from the summit that will be featured on our blog.

Innovative solutions can solve complex problems within underserved populations; however, most of these solutions remain isolated, un-scalable, and accessible to few. What are the barriers that keep us from exploiting these solutions at a scale that offers widespread, sustainable impact? Julie Eizenberg of Koning Eizenberg Architecture speaks from her experience of barriers that need to be overcome in order for designers to be effective in the social sector.

Julie Eizenberg: Low Expectations from Public Architecture on Vimeo.

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