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Emerging Hotel Trends Offer Work/Life Balance

In the December 2013 issue of Hospitality Design Magazine, Martin Raymond of UK-based retail and hospitality brand consultancy group, Future Laboratory, explores developing trends in the industry. Among these trends, hotel brands appealing to two different types of global travelers in the 45 and younger demographic: the Bleisure and LATTE crowds.

The 25- to 35-year-old demographic that “blur the lines between business and pleasure.” Who’s specifically designing for this group? Pullman Hotels and Resorts in France. After extensive research, Pullman found that 85 percent of travelers say that technology allowing them to work remotely has merged their personal and professional lives; 79 percent believe this is a positive change.


Pullman Hotels’ London property features the Business Playground, designed by Mathieu Lehanneur. The area reflects the “work hard, play hard” brand mantra by including innovative spinoffs of traditional boardroom finishings. The main conference table features a poker table-esque leather edge for comfort and attendee engagement during long meetings.


Guests can briefly unwind from screen time by relaxing under a canopy break, an oversized digital nature-inspired lampshade. These small details are designed to spark creativity and remove the barrier between work and play.

The 35- to 45-year-old crowd seeking Local, Authentic, Traceable, Trusted and Ethical hospitality brands. The LATTE crowd values a work/life balance and wants this equilibrium in their lives, according to Future Laboratory’s trend research. Research shows LATTEs feel overwhelmed by technology and want to occasionally escape the Internet.


Who’s designing for LATTEs? The Renaissance Pittsburgh where guests can choose the Zen and Art of Detox package. When checking in, travelers leave their computers and cell phones at the front desk. The rooms have no TV or telephone but are stocked full of books and board games, allowing families to reconnect without digital interference.

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Hotels Transform Containers into Comfortable Lodging

The idea of reusing shipping containers for other structures has been growing in popularity. We’ve already seen them be transformed into restaurants and Starbucks coffee shops. And now it looks like even some hotels are thinking more in the box rather than out.

For the adventure-seeking traveler who’s looking for a more unconventional place to stay, look no further than the portable container hotels that have been popping up all over the globe. An article in Cassandra Daily talks about this new wave of hotel design.

British company Snoozebox offers the latter by transforming storage space into a modular, scalable hotel system that can be set up anywhere. Dubbed the Snoozebox Hotel, the portable lodge hosts 40-400 rooms which can provide supplementary housing during an event, a busy travel season, or a natural disaster. The Snoozebox Hotel can be built in atypical locations for nature-loving travelers who do not want to sleep outdoors. Each Snoozebox room is climate-controlled and, like most modern hotels, also has flat screen TVs and WiFi.


Sleepboxes are mobile, modular rooms that can be placed in any location with an available power supply. The futuristic pods, designed by Russian studio Arch Group, were first created for use in transportation hubs (airports, bus terminals, train stations) where exhausted travelers often need to rest during long layovers. Earlier this year, the first Sleepbox Hotel opened in an old building in Moscow with more than 50 pods that guests can book for overnight stays or just a few hours. Accommodations are admittedly bare-bones but, travelers are ensured privacy with single and double capsule options.


New Belgian hospitality company Sleeping Around recently launched a pop-up hotel that offers a unique overnight experience for travelers bored with the typical resort or boutique lodging. Like the Snoozebox, accommodations are entirely portable, allowing them to be set up overlooking the water, in a park, or alongside a busy road. The elegantly sparse rooms, while housed in 20-foot-long recycled containers, boast amenities like air conditioning, walk-in showers, fine linens, and iPod docking stations. Additional crates contain a breakfast room, lounge space, and a sauna, meaning no one feels too boxed in. Sleeping Around is currently installed in Antwerp, but they are eyeing future locations.

Images: Cassandradaily.com

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