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Gensler Designs 67,000SF Shaw Create Centre to Spur Innovation

Shaw Create Centre - Atrium View med res                                                                                                                                                Cartersville, Ga. – July 1, 2016 (Image courtesy of Gensler):                                                Shaw Industries Group Inc. broke ground on a three-story, 67,000 square foot Create Centre in Cartersville, Ga. on Friday, June 24. Scheduled for completion in late 2017, the Centre will house the commercial division’s marketing, design and innovation associates which includes Shaw Contract’s marketing and product design teams.
The Create Centre will offer a stimulating, storytelling environment that is a catalyst for growth and innovation across Shaw’s commercial business. Envisioned to inspire Shaw’s talented professionals, the Centre also will serve as a tool in recruiting new talent as the company continues to grow. This new building will be located near Shaw Plant 94, where the company’s commercial design and marketing teams along with manufacturing for Shaw’s custom business are currently located. That facility will continue custom manufacturing operations and will house Shaw’s Custom Design Studio and hospitality customer service teams once the Centre is complete. The addition of the Create Centre will enhance Shaw’s ability to provide design excellence with multiple disciplines delivering against Shaw’s client-centric approach.
“We find value in locating manufacturing, design, marketing and others in close proximity to one another – in the same region, the same state or in this instance the same county,” says Shaw President Randy Merritt. “We’ve found that it sparks new ideas, greater information sharing, and more meaningful engagement with one another. The Create Centre will be an important tool in supporting our vision of growth for our commercial business including global expansion and domestic market leadership.”
The new workspace will provide a collaborative environment that facilitates the sharing of ideas; that ignites fresh thinking; that fosters Shaw’s culture of innovation, diversity and inclusion; and that showcases Shaw Contract and Patcraft’s design and performance leadership.
Designed by architecture firm Gensler, the Centre is expected to be USGBC LEED certified and will feature ample daylight and open collaborative spaces. “This building will be as beautiful as it is functional and sustainable, much like our own products,” notes Brenda Knowles, vice president of marketing, Shaw commercial division. “We are
committed to continuously providing clients with the best solutions for their projects, and the Create Centre will provide the ideal setting for our talented team members to create, dream, collaborate, and solve challenges.”
This $24 million facility represents Shaw’s ongoing investment in its commercial business. In the past few years, Shaw has significantly grown its commercial sales team; opened new showrooms throughout the world; and invested more than $85 million in an additional carpet tile manufacturing facility, which will open in Adairsville,
Ga. later this year.
In addition to the Create Centre, Shaw Contract maintains showrooms in Atlanta, New York, London, Shanghai, Beijing, New York and other global design hubs where Shaw Contract’s presence is a catalyst for for design excellence. Major Shaw Contract clients are located in the Atlanta area. From fortune 500 companies to local universities and hospitals, the business and organizations that impact the Atlanta economy will have access to this creative space – giving them the opportunity to work with architects and designers in Atlanta to continue developing commercial interiors which will attract employees, students, visitors and customers.
This space is designed to spur global innovation for our marketing and design teams, and to inspire visitors and the greater community. Shaw Contract is recognized as a leader in commercial design, and The Create Centre reflects the ideal environment to host clients, inform design professionals and promote our position as a global flooring provider, ” says John Stephens, VP of Marketing.
“Shaw is Bartow County’s largest employer with more than 3,100 associates working here,” remarks Cartersville Mayor Matt Santini. “We’re proud to see the company continue to thrive and invest in the community. It’s a demonstration of the city and county’s ongoing efforts to promote the growth of existing businesses in addition to
attracting new companies and industries to the area.”
About Shaw Contract
As a global floor covering brand, Shaw Contract believes in the impact of design and how to improve how people work, learn, heal and live. Driven by sustainability, our Cradle to Cradle Certified products perform in spaces across the world. The brand has received Best of NeoCon Awards 14 out of the past 15 years and is rated “best overall business experience” by facility managers and designers. The brand is also recognized among Contract magazine’s top ten “Brands that Inspire.” A brand of Shaw Industries, Shaw Contract combines the expertise of the world’s largest carpet manufacturer with the financial stability of a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. For more information, visitshawcontract.com.
About Shaw Industries
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. offers a diverse portfolio of carpet, custom rugs, hardwood, laminate, resilient, tile & stone flooring products, synthetic turf and other specialty items for residential and commercial markets worldwide via its brands Anderson, Patcraft, Philadelphia Commercial, Shaw Contract, Shaw Floors, Shaw Hospitality, Shaw Sports Turf, Southwest Greens, Tuftex and more. Headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, Shaw is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. with $4.8 billion in annual sales. The company employs approximately
22,000 associates with offices; R&D, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution locations; product showrooms; and/or salespeople throughout the U.S., as well as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, India, Mexico, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. For the company’s latest news, visit https://shawinc.com

1 800.257.7429 | shawcontract.com
© 2016 Shaw, a Berkshire Hathaway Company
Shaw Corporate Headquarters PO Box 2128 | 616 E Walnut Ave | Dalton GA 30722-2128 | USA

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2013 Market Winner: Fitness International, LLC by Gensler

As the winners of the 2013 Design is … Award Market Award, Shaw Contract Group winning firms interviewed as part of a section of Shaw Contract Group blog which will last a year. Throughout the year, readers can learn more about the 48 winning projects and the individuals who perform them. These are their stories.

Gensler Principal, Sandi Warneke, talks to us about the client’s growth, bright colors and employee exercise in the hallways.

When did you decide to pursue a profession in design?
As a child I used my dolls for scale to build furniture for them…then I moved on to cardboard houses.


How did you find your love for design?  Is there anyone who played a major role in that?
My father designed and built a custom home for our family- going through this experience and seeing how much he loved the magic of taking an idea to a reality had me hooked on wanting to do the same thing.

Tell me about your client.
The client was the source of inspiration for this project- the vision for the company started with one fitness center in California in the early eighties and has grown to one of the largest fitness chains with over 500 locations. With the goal of providing high quality affordable fitness centers, especially in light of the obesity epidemic in the US, this goal has taken on the dynamics of a noble cause to get America fit.


How did you determine what graphics to use on the walls? 
The graphics are back lit changeable film images (by Duratrans) that can be frequently changed so that the imagery is always fresh. With the growth of the company, the pride in showcasing the new locations along with imagery of fit bodies and branded text, the corridors are opportunities to tell the story of the firm. While photographing the space, we saw staff doing lunges down one of these corridors – that’s really living the brand!

Tell me something that was unusual about the project.
We were a bit surprised at how much the client wanted the space to have a professional, corporate aesthetic. Our first instinct was to design creative space with open ceilings, sliding doors, etc. But the success of the company is that they understand the business of the fitness industry- the space reflects this professionalism.


Think about a situation when things turned out different than you expected. How did the outcome impact the end result of the project?
We chose a vibrant re-orange color as the anchor hue to symbolize the “color of life” for the project. The client ultimately was so drawn to this color that they used this new color for their corporate logo/branding.



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Corporate Design Trends for 2013

Gensler has released its Design Forecast for 2013, which is a detailed summary of what’s trending in global markets and their implications for design. With 60 identified trends, this report touches on all market segments and gives insight into relevant areas such as product design and urban development.

What’s in store for corporate environments this year? Here are a few items on the list that we feel are making a big impact:

Trend #2: Millennial Influence—The influence of millennial workers can be seen in the workplace and this reflects the cohort’s interest in self-direction and self-expression. The new Velti offices (by AECOM) illustrates that co-working space provides an instant community that’s used for rapid-fire collaboration. Hackable space can be reshaped on the fly to meet a work team’s fast changing-needs. Artwork and amenities are homegrown and contemporary.

Velti by AECOM in San Francisco, CA (c) David Wakely

Trend #3: Supporting Focus Work—Studies show that individual focus work is the most significant factor in workplace effectiveness—and if supported, then collaboration, learning and social interaction improve. If you don’t, it atrophies. The challenge is how to support focus work in the open work setting.

Trend #10-12: Corporate Campus Headquarters –Whether the preference is urban or suburban, the latest campus centers are tailored to the company’s culture and ways of working more closely than in the past—giving global and mobile teams a home base. Some of the larger energy, technology and financial giants are opting for mega campuses with the goal of supporting work processes, collaboration, social cohesion and to protect intellectual property…truly a self-contained community. This CBRE space, a project by Gensler, is a great depiction of how these preferences influence company culture.

CBRE Orange County by Gensler in Newport Beach, CA

Need more? Read the entire forecast at www.gensler.com

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Goodwill’s Pop-up Store Concept Brings in Business

On Aug. 1, Goodwill launched its first ever pop-up shop in Washington D.C. In just 3 days, the temporary store outperformed D.C.’s 13 other traditional retail stores by 20 percent more than the combined average. So how did this successful idea come to be?

The decision to open a pop-up store was inspired by the previous success of Goodwill’s trunk shows. Goodwill worked with Gensler to create the idea for the pop-up and thus, “Edited by Goodwill” was born.

“We were really inspired by Goodwill’s mission to help people ‘edit’ themselves by offering education and employment training,” said Bonnie Sen, associate at Gensler. “Using that concept as a starting point for our design, we wanted to help them create, or ‘edit,’ a space to elevate the retail experience and connect with discerning customers. Based on the popularity of stores like Anthropologie and the rise of do-it-yourself culture, we wanted people to approach the store with a sense of discovery.” 

The ‘edit’ concept was integrated into the design with bold colors used to support the Goodwill brand along with an array of “dreamy” tones, as Sen describes. Art features like sculpted standard dry-cleaner hangers bridged space between each display. The store’s success brought it back again in December.

Images: Worn magazine, Washingtonian

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Designers Pick Their Favorite New York City Design Hot Spots

There are so many wonderful design and architectural elements found in The Big Apple. Interior Design rounded up many of the design industry’s finest and asked them what locations in New York City inspire them the most. Here are a few of their favorites:

The New York Public Library


“During my first trip to the city, I was literally deposited in the library by a friend who couldn’t take time away from work. My first impression was amazement at the beauty and grand scale of the interiors, the ornamentation, and rich materials. Wandering into the reading room, the sheer size, lighting, chandeliers, green lamps, and contemplative quiet made me realize, ‘Oh my God! I am really in New York.'”

-EJ Lee, principal, Gensler



Northwest Corner Building, Columbia University


“Wonderful in its context, the building both fits in and stands out perfectly. It took an almost impossible site condition-built over a number of long span underground spaces, it is actually a huge bridge-and turned it into wonderful architecture.”

-Joan Blumenfeld, interior design director, Perkins + Will, New York




Lenox Lounge


“This unique Art Deco space truly transported me to that singular time in history when design and music influenced each other. The measured combination of inventive design, bold detailing, and diverse mixture of materials excites the senses, making the eye wander from the glass planes of the lighting fixtures to the etched designs on the glass doors, the zebra wall treatment, the patterned tiled floor, the shape of the seating booths, the reflection of colors on the mirrors, and on.”

-Belen Moneo, principal, Moneo Brock Studio

Photos: Interior Design 

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