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The Office of the Future: Coming Soon

Yes, design can set the trend, but more often that not, it is a response to trends. As product designers, we must understand how our products are being used in the market place. In turn, as interior designers, you must understand how your customers are utilizing their space – or how they should be using their space.

Read more about Teknion's "Workplace of the Future" survey at www.teknion.com

Teknion, maker of office systems and furniture products, recently conducted a survey focused on the future of the workplace. Survey results point to change that we all know is happening: desk-to-employee ratios are drastically evolving and office space is being reevaluated. In fact, current workplace utilizations levels range between 35 to 50 percent; by 2015, according to Teknion’s data, this number will rise to 85 percent – the results of more companies adopting remote working programs and hoteling stations within their offices.

The workplace of today is in flux. It will look very different in the near future. What changes are you currently seeing? How are you addressing them in your space planning?

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