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We studied the charts and diagrams that alchemists meticulously plotted in the search to transform base metals into noble metals, such as gold, silver and copper. The result is a curated material study. Layered in luxury, modern marquetry is interpreted via pattern & data-inspired inlays for an exquisite flooring statement.

Noble Materials

Noble Materials

Base textures are punctuated with warm and cool metal detail.   Smooth surfaces in natural tones form the base of this collection, which features four 24×24 tile options, two traditional broadlooms and two woven broadlooms. The nine-color palette features moments of gleaming metal for added warmth & glamour. Collections styles are designed to work together or independently for varied degrees of scale or natural, layered dimension.


Tile Styles:
a sleek, shifting stone texture.

Honed: large-scale and angled,

Alchemy: adds in lustrous metallic detail

Form: features organic gold veining to build scale.


Broadloom styles:

Strata: texture overlaid to create an organic multi-directional pattern.

Fault: an organic stone formation with metallic veining to build scale.

Monolith: a woven, sleek texture

Base Metal: metal sheen with an exaggerated loop base.


This collection utilizes advanced design technologies and manufacturing equipment, using innovative Color Point machinery and the single yarn placement process.  Noble Materials marks Shaw Contract Group’s entry into the woven market, using a velvet weave process to achieve richly textured styles.


Noble Materials goes beyond Declare & HPDs. Cradle to Cradle Silver & assessed for human health.Made with recyclable EcoSolution Q nylon & EcoWorx Tile, contributes to LEED & offers an environmental guarantee. All styles in this collection provide superior durability, style and recyclability. Shaw Contract Group’s lifetime commercial warranty covers abrasive wear, tuft-bind, edge ravel and delamination.

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