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Singapore: Asia’s New Art Capital

During the 4th edition of Art Stage Singapore last month, more than 45,700 visitors crowded the three massive halls of the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre. At the crossroads between Southeast Asia, China, India, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, Art Stage Singapore has become a top global marketplace, where the world’s most prominent private art collectors and enthusiasts, corporate buyers and VIPs can experience Asian contemporary art at its finest.


Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre

Anchored in Singapore, Art Stage Singapore is also a showcase of the city-state’s rising importance as an art centre for the region. The fair’s Founder and Director Lorenzo Rudolf said, “There is really a [growing] momentum for Southeast Asian [art]. And I think we can be glad that we are a part of this movement and also a catalyst for this movement. Singapore is also becoming more and more a centre for contemporary art. Many of the local galleries are not [only] going to show you Singaporean artists, but artists from the entire Southeast Asia region.”

Korea Platform

Korea Platform

Bounpaul Phothyzan's Controlled Desire' exhibited in the Southeast Asia Platform

Bounpaul Phothyzan’s ‘Controlled Desire’ exhibited in the Southeast Asia Platform

Showcased in a museum-like exhibition layout, Art Stage Singapore’s new fair format, Platforms, offered visitors the opportunity to discover exciting artists from various countries in Asia Pacific. The eight regional Platforms were curated by experts of the respective markets who guided the exhibition presentation and content of individual Platforms: Southeast Asia, Australia, Central Asia, China, India, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Continue to explore highlights of the 2014 fair by visiting the Art Stage Singapore Facebook page.

China Platform curator Huang Du

China Platform curator Huang Du

Nobuhiro Nakanishi's 'Layer Drawing – Cloud/Fog' as part of the Japan Platform

Nobuhiro Nakanishi’s ‘Layer Drawing – Cloud/Fog’ as part of the Japan Platform

Bird’s eye view of the exhibition hall

Bird’s eye view of the exhibition hall

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Todd Bracher to Show First South American Exhibition

American designer Todd Bracher will have his first South American exhibition in Sao Paulo this August. The Museu da Casa Brasileira, with its neo-classic architecture, will be the ideal place to contrast with the minimalistic and strategic thinking of the American design star. Between August 23 and October 21, 2012, the exhibit “Todd Bracher – the essence of things” will present pieces such as furniture, kitchen appliances, lamps and objects, as well as photographs and videos referring to the his creative process.

“I don’t want to be recognized, remembered or classified as a designer – and neither as an artist. I don’t like titles, I don’t like being stereotyped as a North American, a foreigner, I don’t want to be anything. I just want to be an individual and this exhibition is all about that. It’s a personal point of view interpreting the world through art, design, drawing. This is what is defined by art and design,” says Bracher.

His furniture and objects are produced by companies such as Zanotta, Fritz Hansen and Cappellini. His creations have won him many awards and was recently named the Best New Designer at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

Shaw Contract Group collaborated with Todd Bracher in 2011 on our collection, The Music Project. He worked with our designers and a team of software engineers to capture and visually interpret musical sounds then integrate them into the carpet design.

Todd Bracher in Brazil from bangert projects on Vimeo.

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