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“Buildings That Heal” Exhibit Celebrates MASS Design

MASS Design has brought their message of change from the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting to Drury University in Illinois. “Buildings That Heal” is an exhibit currently on display at Drury University’s Hammons School of Architecture (HSA) The exhibit presents the work of the award-winning nonprofit MASS Design Group, a Boston-based company that endeavors to create buildings that address a particular community’s issues. Models of some of the firm’s projects, as well as interpretative graphics, allow viewers to circulate through the exhibit, studying the pieces both in visual terms and in terms of what the architecture itself accomplishes.

“This new architecture of social engagement represents a new way to understand the profession with a bigger purpose in mind than what is normally the case in a typical for-profit firm,” said Maurizio Sabini, HSA’s director. “Through their innovative designs, these architects (have) made a big difference in the lives of many, rather than addressing the needs of the few.” 

“Our students are really interested in the idea that they can practice architecture in a meaningful way,” said said Robert Weddle, HSA professor.

“Buildings that Heal” is part of a yearlong theme of social engagement in architecture. The exhibit continues through Nov. 16 at the Hammons School of Architecture. For more infomation, visit www.drury.edu.

Photo: Springfield News-Leader

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