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Dip-Dye T-Shirts Benefit Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

With artist Sebastian Errazuriz’s studio paralyzed after Hurricane Sandy, he was unable to work. Devastated by the damage from Sandy, Errazuriz decided to design something to help raise much-needed relief funds. Using the beloved “I Love NY” and Metropolitan Transit Authority subway map T-shirts, he dip-dyed the shirts in indigo dye. This idea was inspired by seeing the water line marked on the walls of the flooded galleries in New York’s Chelsea art district. Another take on the dyed tees is to represent the city divided between those who have electricity and those that are still in the dark. T-Shirts can be purchased here for $40. 100% of the profits go to Hurricane Sandy relief programs.

Natural dyes and dip dyeing techniques were also the inspiration for Shaw Contract Group’s Dye Lab tile.  Our design team experimented with natural dyes and were captured by the range of color and patterning that were revealed in the process. These discoveries informed a new dye infusion process for the Dye Lab product. Unlike traditional beck dyeing, the dye is infused into a dye bath that is manipulated to create uneven levels of color intensity.  The carpet is also roped, similar to the process used in natural dyeing cloth, to create different saturations and organic patterns of color.

Images: Grey Area, ecouterre

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Bringing the Dip Dye Trend into Two New Colorful Collections

Dip dyeing (or tie-dyeing) has been used in many cultures around the world, dating back to around 500 AD in South America. The trend became popular in the 1960s and 1970s in the United States as part of hippie style and embraced by musicians like The Grateful Dead. This trend is yet again making a comeback in everything from clothing to hair. Fashion designers, including Alexander McQueen and Rodarte, have shown off this trend on the runway. Celebrities including Katy Perry are enjoying the dip dye hair trend, adding vibrant pops of color to the ends of their locks. Like the popular trends in fashion and beauty, two of our latest collections are also inspired by the dip dye trend: Dye Lab and Natural Palette.

Stop by our NeoCon showroom at 10-167 to see more of this dip dye trend.

(from left) Stephane Rolland, Dries Van Noten, Rodarte, Alexander McQueen, ADAM

The dip dye hair trend, embraced by celebrities like Katy Perry and Lauren Conrad


Photos: SalonAddict.co.uk, Vogue UK

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