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Design Schooled: Teachers Pin Dream Classroom

Earlier this year, Shaw Contract Group held a content on Pinterest asking teachers to pin their dream classroom.  Winners received a giftcard for supplies for their classroom. The contest gave us a glimpse into what teachers see as good classroom design. The results of which, Shaw Contract Group will apply to our product development and share with those who are designing future classrooms.

So what makes a dream classroom? A tablet for every student? Walls made of Legos? Imaginative reading nooks? Below are some ideas that made it into our winning teachers’ Pinterest boards.

Design Schooled_boards images

(Clockwise from left) The SMART Table is a social, inclusive and captivating collaboration tool that makes it easy to get young students excited about learning. It’s a great way to enhance the social and academic skills of active learners and help all students achieve success; Functional and pretty organization is on the top of the list for any teacher; Unique seating adds a fun element to a classroom: Stone-looking cushions from Stephanie Marin put a smile on your face, Herman Miller Tato, Tatino & Tatone spherical seats; Safeco Runtz Ball Chair; What child wouldn’t want a wall made of Legos (like this cafe in Brooklyn, NY)?

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