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Reesie Duncan Discusses Design Journey and its Inspiration

Design Journey: Novice & Master, this year’s Best of NeoCon Silver Award-winner for modular flooring, was inspired by our designers’ travels to Cambodia and Laos.

“Design Journey started out as a research project within our design group where our designers really have a passion for travel and craft. We explored the idea that different craft cultures in the world are really in danger of dying and being extinct,” says Reesie Duncan, Creative Director

The design team explored the differences between generations: the novice weaver who is learning the craft vs. the master weaver who has perfected it. The Novice part of the collection is inspired by the inconsistencies in the weaves while precise patterns and ornamental weavings were the inspiration behind Master.

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Collective Time & Design Journey Win Best of NeoCon

Collective Time and Design Journey: Novice & Master both took home Contract Magazine’s Best of NeoCon Awards today at NeoCon. Collective Time, inspired by Fitbit technology, won Gold in the Healthcare Flooring category, while Design Journey: Novice & Master, inspired by travels to Cambodia and Laos, won Silver in the Modular Carpet cartegory. This is the thirteenth consecutive Best of NeoCon win for Creative Director, Reesie Duncan, and the Shaw Contract Group design team. Congratulations!

Visit the Shaw Contract Group showroom (10-167) during NeoCon to see Collective Time, Design Journey: Novice & Master, and the rest of Shaw Contract Group’s new collections or take a tour of the space online.

Best Of NeoCon winners

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Design Journey: Shaw Contract Group explores global craft with Novice & Master collection

Design Journey: Shaw Contract Group explores global craft with Novice & Master collection

Design Journey is an exploration of deep-rooted cultures and handmade traditions. Inspired by the Shaw Contract Group design team travels to Cambodia and Laos, the collection celebrates the culture, craft and technique of artisan weavers and captures the art of silk weaving in a luxurious and richly textured collection of designs.

Design Journey: Novice & Master earned a Silver Award in modular carpet in this year’s Best of NeoCon competition.

“The Shaw Contract Group design team thrives on new challenges, and Design Journey builds upon our passion for travel and global craft.” said Shaw Contract Group Creative Director Reesie Duncan.

Plush, textural and sophisticated, Design Journey includes two broadloom and six tile products. Refined textures with a high luster finish lend the collection well to professional services, corporate office and high end retail environments. Products offer varied scales of textures and eight styles in 15 colors, including warm and cool neutrals and deep rich hues.

“The styles explore the uniqueness between generations and expertise,” said Duncan. “Those that represent the novice replicate the new weaver with irregular fabric and inconsistent textures, while others represent precise and complex patterns of the experienced master weaver.”

Products include:

  • Artisan Tile: an irregular stitch pattern with a nod to the fine and smooth elements of silk
  • Artisan Loom: a broadloom version of artisan tile featuring an irregular stitch pattern
  • Cloth Tile: the rough course texture in this tile pays homage to a raw silk
  • Plainweave Tile: horizontal woven accent bands overlaid in the Cloth texture
  • Kit Tile: a near solid, the masterful simplicity comes from a single continuous color of lustrous thread
  • Chok Tile: precisely adds multiple colors for an intricate woven-like texture
  • Matmee Tile: delicate threads of lustrous yarns alternate rhythmically throughout tiles, inspired by the great skill needed to achieve the complexity of ikat resist dye patterns
  • Chok Loom: a delicate broadloom pattern with the texture of Kit combined with the detail of Chok

Products range from 38 – 40 ounces and are constructed of EcoSolution Q fiber and EcoWorx tile or Ultraloc broadloom backing, offering a lifetime commercial warranty covering abrasive wear, tuft bind, edge ravel and delamination. Cradle to Cradle Silver certified, completely recyclable and manufactured with recycled content, all products offer a sustainable flooring solution and contribute to LEED certification.

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>>Download Design Journey Press Release

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