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There are Six Sides to Every Connection

Hexagon reflects cultural trends toward more collaborative environments, influencing the ways we work, walk, communicate and create—together. To illustrate the connectivity of the collection, we teamed up with top designers who network to bring people, minds and causes together, connecting research in the Global North and South for collective, monumental impact. Their dynamic installations reinforce the social aspect of a space, fueling partnerships and idea-sharing.

hexagon collab

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Possibility Potluck Brings a Community Together

Over one weekend in early August, a group called The League of Awesome Possibilities were able to transform a humble corner in Ravenswood, IL into a thriving point of connection. The League, an organization started by neighbors looking to make their community a better place, hosted the Possibility Potluck, a dinner in a vacant storefront, where the neighborhood gathered and discussed ideas for community improvement.

Potluck_Possibilities_1 Potluck_Possibilities_2


With connection being a theme, Hexagon was a perfect addition to the potluck. Neighbors gathered and children colored on our six-sided carpet tiles.

After launching a pilot with Neighborland, The League of Awesome Possibilities is now in talks with both The Storefront and Walk Your City, two more national organizations that activate urban spaces and corridors. What started as a small way to connect and inspire neighbors through a designed experience has truly grown.

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