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A Bankok Community works with Architects to Create a Meaningful Space for Residents

Klong Toey is currently the largest and oldest areas of informal dwellings in Bangkok. The area is inhabited by more than 140,000 people with sub-standard housing and great social challenges mostly due to the lack of public services like healthcare, affordable education, sanitation and electricity. An extensive drug problem greatly affects the social climate followed by high unemployment rates, violence and crime. TYIN Tegnestue wanted to do something for the community to improve the social sustainability, encourage community interaction and provide a safe space for children to play.


Norwegian firm TYIN Tegnestue collaborated with local students to give back to the residents of the Klong Toey community by building this lively multi-use community center in Bangkok. After taking over an abandoned lot, TYIN Tegnestue and their team of volunteers worked with the community to design and build a meaningful space that would help area residents. The Klong Toey Community Lantern is a stage, a community center, a reading room, a football court, a climbing area and a meeting place. The project hopes to signal the beginning of more sustainable development in the Klong Toey area. The structure’s simplicity, repetitive logic and durability ensures that it will be long lasting and of use to the community for many years.


Images: TYIN Tegnestue

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Possibility Potluck Brings a Community Together

Over one weekend in early August, a group called The League of Awesome Possibilities were able to transform a humble corner in Ravenswood, IL into a thriving point of connection. The League, an organization started by neighbors looking to make their community a better place, hosted the Possibility Potluck, a dinner in a vacant storefront, where the neighborhood gathered and discussed ideas for community improvement.

Potluck_Possibilities_1 Potluck_Possibilities_2


With connection being a theme, Hexagon was a perfect addition to the potluck. Neighbors gathered and children colored on our six-sided carpet tiles.

After launching a pilot with Neighborland, The League of Awesome Possibilities is now in talks with both The Storefront and Walk Your City, two more national organizations that activate urban spaces and corridors. What started as a small way to connect and inspire neighbors through a designed experience has truly grown.

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Design is Good Energy. View Shaw’s 2012 Sustainability Report.

Shaw Industries’ latest corporate sustainability report shares our progress and investments in environmental and social responsibility. Highlights include:

  • Reclaiming and recycling more than 600 million pounds of post-consumer carpet since 2006
  • More than 60% of Shaw products now Cradle to Cradle Certified(CM)
  • 3 more LEED® certified facilities
  • An 8.3% energy intensity reduction since 2007
  • A 33.7% water intensity reduction since 2006
  • 56,196 associate volunteer hours to community causes
  • More than $2 million in contributions to community causes

sustainability report 2012

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A Free Gym Designed for Every Type of Community

On the heels of AIA’s newest report about designing better spaces to keep communities active and healthy, a new type of exercise space has been designed. Introducing the National Fitness Campaign’s (NFC) court, designed by NewDealDesign. It’s a low-cost, open-air fitness space that is constructed in factories, then modularly assembled on-site in just half a day. The idea is that any community could set up, customize, or relocate a gym in a public space–without any money at all. Communities can actually request a gym to arrive for free, and locals do not purchase memberships. Learn more about the NFC courts here.


Images: Fast Company

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