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Hues for Healing in Healthcare Design

Bringing color into a healthcare setting can liven up the space, but much thought must go into choosing the right hue for the area. Healthcare Design magazine talked with Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, about trends in color for healthcare and which are best suited for individual spaces.

So what colors does Jordan recommend?
“You want a nice balance of both warm and cool colors. Cool colors tend to be more calming, so things that are in the blues and the blue-greens, those types of colors really put people at ease because they do bring a sense of tranquility…You want to balance those colors with some warmth, as well, using neutrals, beautiful beiges, warm wood tones to go along with those and give you a nice sense of tranquility. But stay away from those highly saturated, vibrant yellows and reds, those types of colors that can certainly make you feel a little bit more anxious.” She believes bolder colors should be reserved for higher activity spaces, like children’s activity rooms. If a more saturated hue is chosen for a patient room, it’s better to be behind the bed as opposed to in front.

Our own healthcare design manager, Ashley Ginn, agrees with Jordan, stating that the use of color can help translate a positive mood, which encourages the healing process. “Using colors found in nature can make an environment feel more peaceful and relaxing, while in pediatric environments, the use of warm colors like yellow and orange are recommended to make a space feel bright, warm and playful to help relieve stress for little ones and those who care for them,” says Ginn.

Methodist Women's Hospital in Omaha, NE featuring Shaw Contract Group Parody tile

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