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Coke Workplace Inspires Employee Happiness & Reflects the Magic of the Brand

The client vision for a new IT Center of Excellence required a workplace that would express their brand, support work processes, attract talent and showcase innovation. The idea|span design team embraced the client’s goal of an environment to inspire employee happiness, reflect the magic of the brand and lean forward in all aspects of technology, collaboration and mobility.

1 TCCC IT COE - Koozie Collaborative Pagoda

Branding elements, expressive furniture, color and architecture are used to tell the client’s story. Appealing refreshment stations encourage employee to “enjoy a Coke and a smile” at arrival and circulation points throughout the facility. The environment includes teaming areas and heads-down space to support their dynamic work styles. Collaborative “pagodas,” visible in the open plan express recognizable themes of the client’s brand: red, felt panel’s mimic a koozie, stacked Coke bottle crates form the polar bear’s igloo and freezer curtains surrounding collaborative venues to create “coolers”. Integrated technology and robust wireless make this a truly fluid place. These details energize and enrich employee experience by offering a rich palette of places to choose from as they connect, collaborate and produce.

2 TCCC IT COE - Igloo Collaborative Pagoda

The physical layout of the space and the furniture selections are designed for efficiency and flexibility to support innovation and change. A benching solutions forms the framework of the individual workspaces however scattered between these fixed elements are mobile tables, screens and ottomans employees can reconfigure to support their daily needs. A high number of contractors are integral to the IT work processes. FTE’s and consultants hotel in ratios designed to maximize utilization.

5 TCCC IT COE - Collaborative Work Area with Benching Solutions

When developing the palette for this project, the Atlanta-based design team wanted to incorporate not only the recognizable colors of the client’s brand, but also the emotions that the brand evokes. Carpet plays a large role in conveying happiness and energy throughout the space. It also serves a secondary function of zoning different venues and creating scale within a large footprint.

7 TCCC IT COE - Cooler Collaborative Pagoda & Open Workstations

Shaw Contract Group products, Horizontal Edge tile and Vertical Edge tile are used thanks to the active patterning in the carpet. The application of this carpet is an effortless addition to proving the sense of energy and activity resonating in pagodas, conference and huddle rooms. One of the main goals for the design team is seen in the carpets visual breaks, assisting in breaking up the sizable floor plate. The creation of unique patterns with plank carpet for multiple venues contributes to the continuity of propelling activity, engagement, and productive work throughout. While the recognizable brand color of the client is incorporated in much of the flooring, custom carpets, signaling collaborative zones, accommodate a more vibrant use of color such as yellow. This connects the idea of talent having the authority to choose venues in which they feel happy and compelled to work.

4 TCCC IT COE - Conference Room -

The carpeting showcases an enticing side to the work environment that the client wanted to exhibit. Serving as a forefront to the design both visually and functionally, the execution behind the design served a greater purpose. The client is able to host an attractive and invigorating space for the department to feel the same goodwill that is bottled in the refreshing products of their brand.

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Coca-Cola Launches Innovative Sustainability Campaign for 2014 World Cup

While Brazil is busy remodeling their stadium to become net-zero-energy for the 2014 World Cup (and later the 2016 Olympic Games), partner Coca-Cola is working to make the stadium even more sustainable.

Coca-Cola Brazil is launching a campaign looking for the donations of plastic (PET) bottles that will be reused in the linings of 6,773 seats in the new Maracanã Stadium. Around 100 collection points will be set up in the city of Rio by Coca-Cola Brazil, where people can dispose of their plastic bottles. The collection process began last week.

Shaw is doing good with recycled plastic bottles, as well. Clear Path Recycling, Shaw’s joint venture with DAK Americas, is the largest plastic bottle recycling facility in the United States. Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, the plant produces Recycled PET (RPET) flake from post-consumer PET bottles. Clear Path has the capability to recycle up to 160 million pounds of PET bottles per year, which will save more than 550,000 cubic yards of landfill space annually. The energy savings related to the Clear Path Recycling operation will save more than 1.9 trillion BTUs of energy annually, which is equal to the amount of primary energy necessary to power over 20,000 U.S. homes per year, according to Energy Information Administration data.

Image: Scrapmonster.com

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