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Need a Standing Desk? Pull Up a Chair.

By now, I am sure you have heard that sitting for long periods of time is bad for you. Because of that, you are now interested in one of those standing desks – whether it be designer or DIY. Or you could try the StorkStand, which recently passed its fundraising goal on Kickstarter.

storkstand 1

While it may not have the accessories that some standing desks do, StorkStand does offer you portability – allowing you to create a desk anywhere. All you need is a chair. A little tabletop you strap in place, the StorkStand was invented by Mike Goldberg from San Francisco. He explains in the pitch video (below) that he was tired of sitting all day (preach!) and wanted something different.

Goldberg says it weighs 4.2 pounds, supports 50 pounds (which is enough for several laptops) and comes with a built-in holder for your phone. One perk is that you can adjust the height (assuming you use an office-type chair), which is obviously important. It is not 100% perfect (where do you put your papers? Etc.), but it beats sitting all day!

Now that Goldberg has the funds for full production, you can buy your StorkStand here for just $199.

Images: Fast Company

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Shaw Contract Group Designers Pick Their NeoCon Favorites

Because NeoCon is the largest interiors expo in North America, companies come from all over to share their products with the rest of the design community. While the Shaw Contract Group design team shares their designs, they are also inspired and appreciative of the other designs seen at NeoCon. Here are some of our team’s favorite things:

John Crews_Bernhardt chair

Mitt Chair
“The Best of NeoCon-winning lightweight chairs have hidden castors that makes them easy to move and come in a great color line. The ageless design allows it to be applicable to all market segments.” – John Crews, Designer for Corporate market

Ashley Ginn_Haworth (2)

The Openest Collection by Studio Urquiola
“The Openest Collection by Studio Urquiola won Gold and Best of Competition. The collaborative collections have integrated power and data storage features.  Really love the modular collaborative seating.” – Ashley Ginn, Design Manager for Healthcare and Education markets

HBF and Todd Bracher 2

The Triscape Collection by Todd Bracher
“The collection is very flexible and can be used in almost any setting.” – Maria Scott, Design Manager of Shaw Hospitality Group

Ashley Olson_Maharam rug

Cork & Felt rug by Hella Jongerius 
“This rug mixes the warmth and color of new wool felt with the properties of cork. The colored lines of the felt are arranged alongside the cork, resulting in an interesting rhythm of textural stripes.” – Ashley Olson, Designer for Corporate market

Brandy Sutherland_Geiger chair

Crosshatch chair
“I love the cross-hatch chair from Geiger. Designed with parachute cords that are integrated into the chair’s frame, it brings the comforts of home into the modern office.” – Brandy Sutherland, Designer for Healthcare market

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