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MASS Design’s Rwandan Doctor’s Housing wins Buro Happold Effectiveness Award

Butaro Hospital 1MASS Design Group is this year’s winner of the Buro Happold Effectiveness Award – a competition that celebrates designs which have made a positive impact on society.

The award was given for The Butaro Doctor’s Housing, which provides invaluable on-site physician housing in an area where doctor retention is a constant challenge. After opening in 2012, the four beautiful duplexes have inspired dignity, fostered community and fomented sustainability of the Burera District’s rural healthcare system.

Presenting a formidable package of gorgeous imagery, quantitative survey results and evidence of behavioral change, all sitting under a halo of noble aims, MASS Design Group proved with ease that Butaro’s presence has benefited the local community enormously.

Shaw Contract Group continues its partnership with MASS Design Group through the MASS Lab, a platform to develop, test, implement, and disseminate new ideas about how we build a better, more dignified world.

Butaro Hospital 3

Images: Mass Design

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