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Artist Promotes Recycling with Reindeer Made from 2,000 Plastic Bags

During the holiday season, countless shoppers stock up on gifts for their friends and family, all while toting them away in single-use plastic bags. In an effort to promote a more eco-friendly holiday, Australian designer Angela van Boxtel hatched the idea of creating the adorably crocheted reindeer to symbolize reuse and recycling. With a Christmas wish for no more plastic bags, Blitzen the recycled reindeer was born!


Designer Angela van Boxtel with Blitzen

Over the course of the season, Van Boxtel gathered disused white and grey plastic bags to make up the body of the reindeer. After building a frame of metal and wire, the artist fused grey plastic bags together to make the body. The white plastic bags were then used much like yarn and crocheted into starburst and flower-like patterns, making an intricate lacy covering for Blitzen’s coat.


Van Boxtel’s creation is made from fused plastic shopping bags, and it lights up at night with colorful LEDs.

Blitzen now stands in a shopping center, urging passersby to bring their own reusable bags when buying Christmas goodies. Van Boxtel hopes that Blitzen will help her realize her Christmas wish of shoppers just saying no to plastic bags.

Images: InHabitat

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