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Allied International Credit takes advantage of Shaw Contract Group’s Environmental Guarantee

Shaw has recycled more than half a billion pounds of post-consumer carpet since 2006 – a major milestone in the growth of the company’s reclamation and recycling business.

This level of positive environmental impact would not be possible if not for the valued relationships with customers such as Allied International Credit, which purchased 5,500 square yards of carpet tile for its Toronto offices in 2003, and recently replaced and recycled the product with 7,500 square yards of new Shaw Contract Group product.

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David Rae, President & CEO, says the initial purchasing decision was based in part on the recyclability options:

“Allied has purchased Shaw Contract Group carpet in various offices over the years and we have always found it to be the longest lasting and most durable,” said Rae.

“Our dealer, Sands Commercial Flooring, educated us on the recycling options that Shaw provides and this prompted us to select a Shaw Contract Group product as we pursue green initiatives as much as possible for all of our offices. We recently expanded and refurbished our Newmarket, Ontario call center. As we began the process, we looked to Shaw Contract Group once again for our flooring. In addition to our Toronto facility, we also installed carpet tile with LokDots in our Montreal, Quebec office. Choosing LokDots over traditional adhesive installs the same amount of carpet, yet reduces shipping cost and increases shipping efficiency. By using LokDots we eliminated 63 pails of adhesive which weighs 2,205 pounds. Our new carpet looks great and we continue to get compliments from everyone who visits our site.”

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Thanks to Allied’s dedication to environmental stewardship, the company has helped to create new energy and materials for future generations.

Shaw Industries coordinates the reclamation process, where the old carpet is staged at the property during the renovation process and then transported to one of Shaw’s recycling partners. When possible, the used type 6 nylon is sent to Shaw’s Evergreen Recycling Center in Augusta, GA, where it enters the recycling process of becoming new carpet again. Here, it is broken down into caprolactam, the building block of type 6 nylon carpet fiber, and made into new Type 6 nylon again without degrading the quality or performance of the fiber. Shaw also reclaims other types of carpet fiber, and these materials are reprocessed into other products or used into waste-to-energy facilities.

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