Paradigm Design Group | Portland Downtown Marriott – 2016 Design Is…Award Market Winner

Shaw Contract conducted interviews with all firms of all Market Award winning projects from the 2016 Design Is…Award program. As part of this process, we always like to share a portion of the response on our blog for readers to learn about the winning projects. These are their stories.

Describe this project in one word.


How does this project demonstrate design impact?

Embracing the energetic, hip spirit of the city and the natural elements around us, vibrant greens, bold navy and soft gray hues create the backdrop of the design while an artful tribute to the city’s passion for biking is uniquely incorporated into the artistic elements in the room. A bike wheel visually merges with the organic shape of a tree slice at the headboard mural, creating a one of a kind piece of art. Tire imprints were featured in the carpet pattern and additional nods towards the biking industry are playfully incorporated in other unique ways throughout the space.

Each project is a process. Explain your journey with this space.

Every journey has a story. This is what sets the tone for that distinctive approach to our designs. The story unfolds to help explain the overall look and feel of the space and what regional or local characteristics will be highlighted in the design. Unique room layouts established the need for the built in casegood package that now provides structure to the unwieldy configurations, and helps the overall effect feel like the architecture we were originally challenged with as an asset instead of a hindrance.

Tell us about any challenges or lessons learned from working on this project.

The property featured a challenging architectural footprint that created a set of perplexing guest room layouts. Given the modular nature of the custom casegoods and detailed mural design, almost all 500 rooms had to be individually studied to ensure that the pieces would fit correctly in each room type.

On trends: Is there anything in particular with this project that is reflective of current culture/society?

Travelers today want to experience a unique, boutique look that captures the feel of the region. Every detail in this design is thoughtfully pulled together and incorporated to capture the look and feel of Portland today, while still offering the conveniences and amenities a guest expects.

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