New York City Lighting up with Design

Its a busy week in New York City with both the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and Interior Design magazine’s 2012 Best of Year Award.

These events have historically coincided, but this year’s tree may spark special interest among the environmentally-minded design community because it may be the most sustainable yet. Back in 2007, Rockefeller Center transitioned to a sustainable holiday season when they installed a solar power station to power the lights of the tree. The solar panels, which power the 45,000 multi-colored LED Christmas lights, also help offset Rockefeller Center’s spiked power usage during the holiday season. Additionally, in the past, trees have been harvested from further away places like Colorado, but this year’s 80-foot-tall Spruce tree came from nearby New Jersey. This cut down on travel costs and energy – making the 2012 tree the greenest yet!

And while the tree will be lighting up Rockefeller Center, the architect and design community will be gathering in celebration tonight during the 2012 Best of Year Award. We hope to be raising a glass for Shaw Contract Group’s Dye Lab collection, a finalist in the carpet/modular category.

Images: Huffington Post


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